Google's Skipfish Tool Reveals the Security Hitches in Web Applications

BrainPulse Technologies, the web development catalyst, is a reputed, well established web development company, India. With its years of experience and incredibly resourceful pool of talented developers, the company has earned mastery in handling a great variety of projects, worldwide. Its outstanding proficiency and project management excellence in open source development, e-commerce websites, database driven websites, custom development and rich internet applications is quite remarkable.

Online PR News – 24-March-2010 – – BrainPulse Technologies welcomes the latest release of Skipfish, an open-source web-security scanner. This new tool is specifically designed to allow people to scan web applications for security flaws.

March 24, 2010: BrainPulse Technologies appreciates the release of Google's latest, highly efficient tool of Skipfish. The new, advanced tool, allows developers to scan web applications for all likely security vulnerabilities. It scans a web application and picks out all the existing flaws along with "tricky scenarios" like blind SQL or XML injection. is a leading web development company who because of its technology driven approach is always motivated to be updated with all the latest technologies and tools designed to develop secure and reliable websites. This approach has also endowed the company with an impressive portfolio of a number of web development projects in technologies like Ajax, Ruby on Rails, ASP.Net, PHP, Yahoo stores development, etc. From the basic database website development to a compound, demanding web based solutions; the developers are keen to develop the best possible solution for all your web related requirements.

The company houses highly talented and skilled team of developers who are aware of the discrete absence of trust from users in many web applications, particularly enterprise IT services and hence, are looking forward to make smart use of Skipfish to develop seamless web solutions.

According to the MD, BrainPulse Technologies, "For all enthusiast web developers, Google's Skipfish tool will provide a real simple way to quickly run your website through an efficient comprehensive set of tests". The tool is believed to support multiple application frameworks and will also run on Windows, MacOSX, Linux and BSD operating systems.