White Tea as an Essential Element in Lashovee

Lashovee a powerful eyelash growth product that is safe to use, it is not eye mascara or make up.

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – 10/19/2012 – October 11, 2012 – Lashovee a powerful eyelash growth product that is safe to use, it is not eye mascara or make up. It is clinically proven and recommended to lengthen eye lashes and eye brows. One essential ingredient that helps lashovee to be more effective is Camellia Sinensis also known as white tea.

White Tea is generated from in Asia specifically in China. It is an evergreen small tree that is usually cut below 6.6ft when cultivated. It grows in places with tropical and sub-tropical climates. Tea has been used and proven as a medicine for several medical cases years ago. White Tea requires minimal processing and contains health nutrients compare to black and green tea.Their major component helps to restore hair loss to bring it fuller and makes it lengthen. There are various benefits that are found from camellia sinensis that is very essential to human health.

White Tea is good source of antioxidant that protects the body from damage and aging caused by medical condition, aging, and other reasons. It contain elements that replenish the body and wash away the toxins that is usually get from food and vices such as alcohol drinking and smoking. It is also a good alternative to prevent cancers such as prostate, stomach cancer and prostate cancer. Its active element flavonoids help to prevent the growth of cancer cells and inhibit to spread and develop new cancer cells. White Tea promotes strong and healthy blood vessels that help to prevent high blood pressure, it is commonly recommended to people who are suffering from hypertension. Another component of white tea is catechin which helps to reduce high cholesterol and prevents the blockage flow of the blood which may lead to medical problems including stroke and heart attack. It is also recommended for diabetic people because it helps to reduce blood sugar. It also helps to increase metabolism but not a guarantee as an alternative for weight loss supplement.

White tea is also a good alternative for anti-bacterial medicine and it is proven that there are no side effects. It’s a good preventive supplement for common flu and colds. It also helps to restore damage skin caused by too much sun, stress and poor diet which may also lead to hair loss, skin aging, and wrinkles. It helps hair to grow with natural glow and fullness including eye lashes. That’s why it is commonly used by manufacturers of skin care products and eyelash growth products.

There are different types of Camelia Sinensis or White Tea

• White Peony or Bai Mudan one of the several types of white tea with high quality. It has stronger taste and smell and possesses dark colored silver.
• Tribute Eyebrow or Gong Mei is made from special white tea brush but its color is lesser white compared to other types.
• Silver Needle or Baihao Yinzhen is said to be the finest tea with the highest quality compared to the rest of different tea types. It said to have a very delicate and slightly sweet flavor which is delightful to drink.
• Long Life Eyebrow is said to be the lowest quality white tea.

The main and most important function of Camellia Sinensis or white tea is, it is one of the biggest sources of antioxidant which helps to hydrate skin. Studies show that most medical professional around the world recommends medicine rich with camellia sinensis especially to patients with various skin diseases. The topical application of high doses of white tea was proven to have substantial effect on the skin. There are people who used white tea as facial moisturizer, sunscreen, shampoo and conditioner, acne treatment, anti-aging care and eyelash growth products.