Network-Centric Performance Management Critical for Operators But Complex Says Metanoia, Inc. Panel

Experts from Linked In, TATA, TELUS, and several other eco-system players debated fundamental questions surrounding network-centric performance management at an industry-convened roundtable spearheaded by Metanoia, Inc.

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – Mountain View, California – The first Roundtable in the discourse on network-centric performance management saw experts debating fundamental questions, such as the definition of network-centric, and what is driving the need to examine performance management so minutely. Opinions were heard from Aamer Akhter of Cisco, Benoit Claise, OAM Area Director at the IETF, Vikas Trehan, SVP Alliances, InfoVista, Gordon Bolt, VP Engineering, OPNET.

Dr. Vishal Sharma, Principal, Metanoia, Inc. summed it up when he said, “Network-centric performance management is the management of network parameters and activities that are not tied to specific applications, but rather are needed to keep the network running satisfactorily. E.g. sync distribution, impairment detection, fault isolation and notification, and adequate levels of delay, jitter, loss, and availability (perhaps defined by some average of the requirements of applications typically running on the network).”

Network-centric performance management is, in a sense, the first stepto meeting the goal of application performance management. If the underlying network is not operating correctly, application-level performance is surely impaired.

It turns out that while there are many tools and techniques for performance management (advanced OAM, better sampling & aggregation methods, synthetic transactions, support in vendor systems, and sophisticated software), it is still very tricky to answer fundamental questions such as: Where did a performance problem originate? Who is responsible for it? How do we go about fixing it? Indeed, there are a slew of deeper questions around these fundamental issues.

The current initiative has assembled key players from the carrier eco-system to discuss, debate, and answer important questions in this area, such as:

i) What are key advances in performance monitoring of fundamental network-level activities that enable the proper & efficient running of a network?

ii) Which advances are designed to enable proactive performance management?

iii) Where are we on the ownership and sharing of performance data?

iv) How does fault isolation across boundaries work? How is fault notification
done? How does one determine and assign “responsibility” to the liable network segment/operator?

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