ANSI Certified Vent Free Fire Glass Burners is the Featured Product at Blazingglass.Com
10/19/2012, an online destination for exclusive fire pit and fire glass products, now features ANSI certified Vent Free burners

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – Newport Beach, CA – is an online store that mainly deals in fire glass and outdoor fire pit products. The ANSI approved vent free burners are the featured products due to the approaching fall and winter seasons. combines eco-friendly yet gorgeous indoor and outdoor heating equipment with its varied fireplass collections. The online store is known for selling eco-friendly fireplace glass and fire pit products for room heating and the latest ANSI certified vent free burners are the featured additions for the oncoming fall and winter months. Tonia Zev, the owner of the online store, announced that the ANSI certified burners are energy efficient as all of the heat generated stays in the room rather than venting through a chimney like typical fireplace burners do. Also, customers can combine these vent free burner applications with any of our fireglass products to customize their room heating equipment in a stylish manner.

While announcing the availability of ANSI approved vent free burners she said, “Both myself and other professionals of our organization consider it as an achievement that we can now offer eco-friendly, energy efficient fire glass products alongside our vent free fire glass burners to many customers worldwide. The certified device is easy to use while leaving no harmful impact for the environment because they do not produce soot, ash, or smoke.”

Initially, their fireglass vent free burners are available in two different styles but other designs but many other variations are now featured for this season, reveals the owner. Both stainless steel and black steel burner pans styles are now available providing more options for the individual buyer. The recent models are adjustable with both double side and single sided vent free fireplaces.

In the opinion of Justin Zev, the sale and marketing head of online store, “Our clients were longing for different types of burner options where they could use the fire glass to not only beautify their homes but also for a more energy efficient means of heating. The vent free burners will suit their needs by saving them money and hopefully our approach will be appreciated.”

Alice Penn, from Newport Coast, CA regularly visits the online store to keep up-to-date about newly available products and energy saving tips and she was very pleased with the vent free burner applications. “I have seen the featured additions in vent free burner collection and plan to purchase one for my home especially because it is an ANSI approved device.”

The average weight of the tiered vent free fire glass burners is around 5-13 lbs. Our fire glass is not included with the burners, therefore, customers are able to purchase fire glass in addition with the device to create a kind of refined appearance.

About the company: is an online store that deals in different types of fire glass and fire pit products. Only eco-friendly devices are available in the online store and the latest vent free burner belongs to the same category. To know more about the store visit: