Ebookmakr: ebook creator paves the way for self-publishing

ebookmakr is the easiest online ebook software that enables writers and publishers to enter e-publishing smoothly: create ebooks, publish ebooks and market ebooks online from new content or by converting a blog to ebook

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – Berlin, Germany – ebookmakr, the easiest platform to create, publish and market e-books online, is now live in its public beta phase. Inbred with a global vision, ebookmakr’s mission is to liberate all e-publishing contributors by providing ebook software that offers one central solution for the affordable production of digital publications.

"We don’t put up hurdles for the entry into digital publishing. It’s all about getting your content in and getting ebooks out." says CEO and co-founder Stefan Wolpers. "Users can enjoy creating ebooks hassle-free: no sign-up fees; no lock-in; just ebooks."

Amongst this $60B pivoting industry, there has been a lack of action on the production side of e-publishing. ebookmakr offers a holistic cloud-based software-as-a-service for the production of new ebooks and the conversion of existing content to e-books.

Stefan Wolpers puts it clearly, “Did you become a typewriter mechanic before you wrote your first letter on a typewriter? No. So, why would you - as a writer - have to learn HTML & CSS for writing an ebook?”

The “create new ebook from blog-posts” feature is where the unexampled value of ebookmakr exists. In less than five minutes any user can convert a blog to ebook via Wordpress or Blogger/Blogspot blogs directly on the ebookmakr platform. Users will soon be able to convert their Tumblr and Typepad blogs to e-books as well.

ebookmakr will soon enable users to create epub file format ebooks; convert major document formats to ebooks (Microsoft Word, InDesign, PDF); work in a collaborative online environment; print-on-demand; distribute to e-book stores; and market ebooks online.

ebookmakr was founded by Stefan Wolpers. Stefan is the founder of Entrepreneurs Club Berlin as well as the founder and managing director of Twittwoch e.V. He is the initiator and strategic mind of Startup Camp Berlin and a mentor for Startup Bootcamp Berlin.


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About ebookmakr:

ebookmakr, founded in July 2012, is a free platform that enables writers and publishers to easily and affordably produce ebooks. Users can conveniently import and convert of all common file formats and blog-posts into ebooks. ebookmakr also offers direct creation of ebooks on its easy-to-use text editor. The platform generates a .mobi ebook format which is equipped to read on all Kindle eReaders and to sell on Amazon’s online book store.

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