O’Jeju - Packaging Nature’s Gifts For You

O’Jeju is dedicated to developing safe, high quality and nutritious dried food products in the Jeju Island, Korea.

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – Jeju City,korea – O’Jeju Aft Holding, Inc. (O’ JEJU) is a leading exporter of safe and healthy dried fruits products in the Jeju Island of Korea. The Jeju Island are blessed with extremely fertile land, due to which there is an abundance of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that can be cultivated there. O’Jeju’s attempts are aimed at getting these fruits across to their valued customers all over the world.
O’Jeju has developed a new technique called the Balance Chamber Drying (BCD) System, for which they have applied for a patent. BCD is a unique drying method which applies controlled temperature, humidity and pressure, allowing the original ingredients to be dehydrated by strong evaporation at a low temperature. Using this BCD technique, it is possible to preserve fruits and vegetables without losing out on their qualities. O’Jeju products are known for their safe and nutritious dried products. The taste, aroma, color, fiber content and nutritional value of the dehydrated fruits and vegetables that undergo the BCD system is maintained intact. Apart from BCD, O’Jeju’s operations are hygienic and eco-friendly and their processes are based on the latest technology in the industry.
The list of products offered by O’Jeju is quite wide-ranging. You can choose from dried fruits, dried kimchi, dried vegetables, dried oranges, fermented cabbage and more. With their assurance of providing you with 100% natural ingredients with minimal loss of nutritional value, O’Jeju delivers all your demands anywhere in the world. Besides being extremely healthy, these products are convenient to carry and serve and can be used as a nutritive replacement to snacks like biscuits, for both adults and children.
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