Australian Psychic Medium Battles It Out In Kiev Ukraine on STB TV Reality TV Show!

Jayc Ryder Psychic Medium Is Representing Australia, Competing In “Bitva Ekstrasensiv” “Battle Of The Psychics” in Kiev, Ukraine.

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – Kiev, Ukraine – International Psychics, Spiritual Healers, Shamans, Witches and more gather in Kiev Ukraine to battle it out for The Title “Winner, Bitva Ekstrasensiv 2012 - Winner Battle Of The Psychics 2012” in the 11th season of The Reality TV Show by STB Ukraine “Bitva Ekstrasensiv” - “Battle Of The Psychics - Apocalypsis” International Psychic Challenge. Australia is represented by “Jayc Ryder - Psychic Medium”.

With less than a week’s notice, Jayc Ryder, Psychic Medium, 47, had been chosen by STB (Ukraine’s Local TV Station) producers to “Battle it out” and is now one of the show’s “Top 12 Psychic Medium’s”. Jayc Ryder is competing to win the battle against some of the strongest Psychic Mediums in the world and was just chosen as “Best Psychic Of The Week” on the program.

“Representing Australia in this amazing show, is an honour I am proud to have achieved” said Jayc. “As I show the world the high calibre of Australian Psychic Mediums, I am excited to show the world how living in your heart, with purpose and passion can create dreams that really do come true”.

With over 20+ years experience as a Psychic Medium, Jayc Ryder has been changing lives, through sharing intuitive insights, psychic guidance and mediumship. These are then combined with spiritual and energetic healing, during in-person sessions and in workshops. To many Jayc lead a “double life”, working with computers and websites by day and living his life purpose at night and weekends. Now Jayc Ryder has the chance to showcase his skills to the millions of International TV viewers that the show attracts each season.

With hundreds of psychic readings under his belt, Jayc Ryder has discovered that the key for life as a Psychic Medium, a Reiki Master, a Spiritual and Energetic Healer and The Divine Channel of Rozana (an Angelic Light Being of Love) is to live openly with his heart, connected to his source, honest and passionate.

Jayc had previously been chosen in April 2012 by the STB TV Producers to attend and unfortunately two weeks later due to budgetary requirements, they postponed his attendance, planning his arrival instead for their 12th season. With less than a week’s notice from the producers, in July 2012, Jayc rapidly organised and prepared for his 26 hour flight to the Ukraine. Completing the Casting Challenges successfully, Jayc Ryder has relocated to Kiev Ukraine for the full filming season (until End December 2012) or until eliminated prior.

Jayc is also running workshops in Kiev and is available for travel throughout Europe, UK and USA once his filming with this show on STB has completed. Event Organizers are being sought in local areas. Jayc’s readings and healings can occur either online via Skype, or in person, in homes and businesses all over the world. Sponsors and well wishers who want to help Jayc with his journey or for further information, please contact him via his website or by phone on the details below.