Spider Office Chairs Now Available in North America

The Spider Office Chair– one of Europe’s most popular ergonomic chairs – is now available in North America, and at special introductory prices. The Spider Office Chair with its ten-year warranty is now available in North America exclusively through SpiderOfficeChairs.com.

Online PR News – 24-March-2010 – – “When we discovered this chair we had to bring it here – it’s the most comfortable and most affordable office chair we’ve ever come across,” said Rajan Shah, CEO of SpiderOfficeChairs.com.

The introductory savings of 50-75% includes free shipping to introduce the chair to the North American market. The tax-free purchase, 10-year warranty and 100% guarantee are available every day through SpiderOfficeChairs.com. These savings make the Spider Office Chair affordable to many more businesses and individuals who spend their days behind a desk.

The Spider Office Chair’s styling makes it an easy choice too, adds Rajan Shah. “We hear a lot about how much our customers like the contemporary styling of the Spider chairs. The new mesh fabric adds to its comfort and durability, so it’s very popular in offices.”

The science behind the Spider Office Chair is ergonomics, the practice of designing tools that conform to and work with the natural movements of the human body. The goal of ergonomics, especially with office chairs, is to reduce unnatural stresses on the body that make it work against itself. The conclusions of scientific studies state that most ergonomic chair users maintain more energy and focus throughout their workdays.
“One of our fastest-growing clients is the corporate buyer – we get a lot of serious inquiries from companies that want to start providing Spider Office Chairs for all their employees. It’s a win-win for them: happier employees, higher productivity and less lost time,” said Rajan Shah.

The Spider has several adjustable components to customize the seating for its users, including seat height and angle, back depth and angle, neck and armrest positions. The Spider is available in both desk and counter heights, and several color and style variations.

The Spider Office Chair is available to the North American market now exclusively through SpiderOfficeChairs.com.

For further information about ergonomic office chairs, visit SpiderOfficeChairs.com.

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The partners that started SpiderOfficeChairs.com know the value of a great ergonomic Mesh Office Chair because, after all, they’ve been sitting down on the job for years. SpiderOfficeChairs.com grew out of a partnership between two professionals whose experience includes e-commerce businesses, the import/export industry and IT. SpiderOfficeChairs.com’s vision is to “be the largest online store for fine quality Leather office chairs, at the best discounted prices available anywhere.”