Flat Rate Towing Palo Alto Can Supply a Battery Recharging Service

Flat Rate Towing Palo Alto, can be by your side within 30 minutes, to get you on your way again.

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – Palo Alto/CA – Despite taking good care of our vehicles, things do tend to go wrong. It will most likely happen at the most inconvenient of times as well. You might be on the way to work, having to run the kids to school, or attend an important meeting. We can never predict when something will go wrong with our vehicle, so it is always recommended to keep the number of a Palo Alto Towing company on hand.

Being stranded at home with a malfunctioning vehicle is frustrating enough, but, to be stuck out on the road, or even in a car park somewhere, can be extremely irritating. Coming out of the store to find you have a flat tire, or even that your vehicle won't start, can ruin our whole routine. Flat Rate Towing Palo Alto, can be by your side within 30 minutes, to get you on your way again.

Sitting on the side of the road, or in a car park at night with a vehicle that has broken down, can be dangerous. Other motorists may have difficulty seeing you in the dark, even with your hazard lights on. Due to this, Flat Rate Towing Palo Alto, operates on a 24/7 basis, to ensure they can assist their customers, right when they need them most. It is this sort of dedication that has given this Palo Alto Towing company the reputation for actually caring about their customers.

Even though their name has the word towing in it, Flat Rate Towing Palo Alto offers much more than just towing services. Their premium towing services however, range from regular towing, flat bed towing, and even long distance towing. Being able to supply a full range of roadside assistance services is what has made this company popular with Palo Alto residents.

Every one of us has had the unfortunate experience of turning the key, only to discover we have a flat battery. It is not always possible to find someone to assist. Not everyone carries leads, or even has a vehicle compatible to your particular type of battery. Computerized vehicles can be easily damaged if jump starting is done incorrectly. Flat Rate Towing Palo Alto can supply a battery recharging service, as well as a battery testing service, which will determine whether or not you require a new battery. Should a new battery be needed, they can also assist with that as well.

The number to contact Flat Rate Towing Palo Alto on is (650) 517 4744. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for any assistance call, or even to answer any questions you may have. Writing the number down and keeping it somewhere handy is highly advised. Their informative website also contains even further information about their services, and can be viewed at http://flatratetowingpaloalto.com/.

Flat Rate Towing Palo Alto
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