Bisearch.Com Offers Customized LCD Solutions For All Types of Screens
10/19/2012 is one company that provides complete solutions for all kinds of LCD display requirements including digital signage products.

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 – Tustin, CA – USA, 18 October, 2012 - The world of technology is a vast and wonderful one that is incredibly diverse and complex yet aims to simply our lives with a range of products that are constantly updated with new research and study. Today everything from household appliances to computers and machinery is state of the art, compact and uses digital technology to a large extent. This not only ensures a wider range of features but also for appliances and products that have a display, the images are clearer and the pictures brighter and is even gentle on the eyes in spite of prolonged use. These days technology has advanced so much that we have touch screens on our computers, mobiles and even signage’s use the best of LCD technology.

Customized LCD technology today is used across industries and services. Industries that need processed data to be displayed on a screen use these LCD displays and are either available as a Touch screen, a capacitive touch screen or even resistive touch screen. The touch screen technology was an innovative way to select commands on a screen by a gentle touch instead of having to punch in buttons. The earlier resistive touch screen gave way to the latest capacitive touch screen that requires just a feather touch. Even digital signage’s are now using LCD displays where technology allows even areas or section with a high amount of brightness or light to use a high bright LCD display for the best effect. Customized LCD displays in various forms are much in demand throughout various industries. is one company that provides complete solutions for all kinds of LCD display requirements including digital signage products. The company has almost 2 decades of experience in the LCD industry and is able to not only provide a wide range of LCD and TFT-LCD products but can also customize the same for their clients. is also industry giant LG’s largest distributor in the USA and is backed by an incredible team of dedicated staff that look after everything from the design, sales and supply of these LCD products. With the capability to integrate touch screen into LCD’s, clients can choose from options like resistive touch screens, a multi touch screen or even a capacitive touch screen.

When we contacted the head of the design and supply team for more information on the products and services offered by the company this is what we found “We have built our reputation on our capability to offer solutions for every industry. With our range of products and our ability to customize any LCD requirement with LG products and with our own design experts, Bi-Search is now a leader among LCD products in the USA. Our products and display screens are used in various industries like in advertising, gaming, mobile phones, automotive, advertising etc. Our USP is also that we offer solutions that use optical bonding, touch screen integration, LED backlighting, TFT-LCD products etc. With ISO certifications and LG’s guarantee of quality, we at are proud to be of service.”

Are you looking for solutions when you need to display the most effective digital signage or a high bright LCD signage? Or, do you need to customize your products with a touch screen that uses the capacitive touch screen technology? In that case for the best designs and options look no further than

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