Egg-On-Egg Corporation Launches Apps For Google Web Services That Benefit Owners Of iPhone / Android

Egg-On-Egg Corporation's new apps are a contact manager, a handy reminder, a bookmark sharing app, etc. They all benefits owners of mobile phone synced with Google.

Online PR News – 21-October-2012 – Tokyo – Along with the popularization of mobile phones, Google's web services have been increasing its presence in the people's lives. Gmail and Google Calendar are especially widely used by Android users as a shared address book and a shared calendar. With the expansion of the mobile phone, there is increased user demand for handy tools from Google web services. Egg-On-Egg's new apps will be the solution for this demand.

Synchronicity is an app for the Gmail address book. Its main functions are editing, backup and import of contacts. As an editor, Synchronicity connects directly with Gmail and can add,update, or delete contacts. The inputs reflect other devices synced with Gmail (i.e. iPhone/Android). In addition, Synchronicity has an advantage in managing icons. The icons can be changed by a simple drag-and-drop action from browsers/Finder (Mac)/Explorer (Windows). As an importer of contacts, Synchronicity can load backup files saved by other Google accounts.

Calendar G is a handy reminder. Its interface is very simple. There are only input fields for date and time, title, and description. To enter the date-time, users only have to click the calendar and the time table. That's all users have to do. Once the reminders are set, Google Calendar sends messages with an email, SMS, or popup at the time set, depending on what the user chose.

Stock It is a bookmark sharing app. With a simple drag-and-drop approach from a browser, the bookmark is fetched into Stock It. Stock It itself works as a desktop bookmark reserve, but clicking the cloud-shaped button the bookmark list is uploaded to the Google Drive as a cloud data. The list can be shared with iPhone/Android devices using Stock It Viewer. Stock It Viewer is a freeware and can be downloaded from App Store/ Google Play.

Including these apps, all Egg-On-Egg Corporation's apps are published as a simulator in their web site. Visitors can experience them beforehand without installing.

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