Hi! Billy Slated to Hit Soon

Thursday, 18 October 2012 United States – Orlla, a leading company in Kids Apps, announces that its new game Hi! Billy is going to launch App Store this October.

Online PR News – 18-October-2012 – newyork – Thursday, 18 October 2012 United States – Orlla, a leading company in Kids Apps, announces that its new game Hi! Billy is going to launch App Store this October. This is an iPad puzzle game with characters and some sort of plot and is one of the most interactive and intriguing puzzle game in the last two years.

As the name suggests, Hi! Billy is an addicting game that tells an interesting story about a naughty boy Billy through engaging players in a compelling jigsaw puzzle game play. In the game, 6 stunning sceneries will do please your eyes. It is kind of fun to play with Billy in such beautiful locations and put together jigsaw puzzles. It is artfully stylistic and simplistic with various items, such as trees, houses and small animals, and more.

The objective of Hi! Billy is to form a specific shape showed in different scenes by using all colorful geometric pieces provided without any overlapping pieces. It is simple to play for kids aged between 2 and 7. Kids can develop an intuitive sense of geometry and learn to identify the shapes (square, triangles, and parallelogram) and colors through playing the game.

Interactions between players and Billy are the best part of Hi! Billy. If you swipe on Billy, Billy would be responsive in different ways. For instance, Billy will leap to his feet when he is flying a kite if you were touching Billy. All the moves feel so real that players seem to play with Billy in a real world. Besides, the game is full of interactive items, such as trees, fishes and garbage can. Touch them and you can get interactive feedback.

Aside from the interactive game play, Hi! Billy offers players a role playing experience with a simple storyline and lovable character. Players assemble different magic scenes by using different-shaped pieces.

Critics say Hi! Billy, as a puzzle game for iPad with technology limitation, has shows its uniqueness. Unlike classic puzzles, Hi! Billy allows players to finish a puzzle in the story mode.

Hi! Billy is slated to hit on iPad soon. It will be available for download on Apple’s iTunes. Orlla is expressing great enthusiasm as the launch draws near. As their product manager Mr. Lee puts it, “Hi! Billy will bring an unprecedented puzzle game experience to kids in a fun and age appropriate way.” Stay tuned on http://www.orlla.com for more discoveries.

Main Features:
Billy’s story with comic plot
Lovable and naughty character
6 attractive and stunning scenes
Simple to play
Kid-friendly design
Bold in graphic color

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