Casey BMW Excited for the Development of Webinos for Connected Cars

Webinos is in the works at BMW to allow for increased communication between internet-connected devices.

Online PR News – 18-October-2012 – Newport News, VA – Due to the rise in automotive technology, the car has been branded “the fourth screen,” for internet-connected content, following computers, smartphones, and tablets. Still, vehicles are lagging behind, so BMW has been working the last two years to bring automotive technology up to speed with Webinos.

Webinos, which has a nicer ring to it than “Secure Web Operating System Application Delivery Environment,” is an EU-funded project that hopes to leverage and standardize an open-source web- and browser-based application platform that will allow for flawless communication among all devices that are connected via the internet. It is similar to the concept of cloud computing, but developed for BMW vehicles and others. Over twenty automotive, telecommunication, and IT companies are collaborating on this project.

BMW is the first company to display a vehicle prototype featuring this technology at the Communication World IT trade show held this week in Munich. The hopes behind this technology are simple. BMW stated, “By creating purpose-designed Web browser add-ons and defining suitable communication standards, webinos demonstrates how the browser can increasingly evolve into a shared web application platform.”

Specifically, BMW hopes that webinos will use a vehicle API to access vehicle data, a geolocation API that will collect data on both GPS location and vehicle speed, and the Device Oriented API to gather information on linear and lateral acceleration. BMW acknowledges that “a wealth of data can be made available with the help of just these three packages,” ranging from fuel efficiency to settings for headlights and windshield wipers to the average speed at which the vehicle travels.

Casey BMW is very excited about the prospects of this technology. For more information, stop by Casey BMW today and stay up-to-date online via Facebook at and via Twitter at

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