AvidLifePet.com Brings New Hope to Pet Owners

New Online Community Dedicated to Supporting Chronically Ill Pets

Online PR News – 18-October-2012 – Prescott/AZ – Prescott, Arizona (October 17th, 2012) While chronic illnesses in companion animals such as dogs and cats is on the rise, the State of Pet Health 2012 Report, published by Banfield Pet Hospitals, indicates that only 36% of dog owners and 28% of cat owners would take their pet to see a veterinarian to manage an existing condition or disease. It is unclear whether this trend is due to the cost of the office visit, the cost of veterinary prescriptions, or the time commitment involved. What is clear is that pet owners care deeply about their pets, who are integral members of their family structure, and they are seeking solutions to improve their pet’s quality of life through other channels.

AvidLifePet.com, launched on October 1, 2012, provides pet owners with an online community where they can share their experiences in dealing with their pet’s chronic condition, relay new information, purchase products, and get common questions answered by expert veterinarians.

Jessica Daniel, AvidLife Pet’s Web Manager, stated “AvidLife Pet offers pet owners access to an online community of other pet enthusiasts who have struggled with the demands of keeping their pet healthy and happy. In essence, they are getting the support of virtually hundreds of other pet owners with similar challenges.” Lisa Semrau of AvidLife Pet, relates, “The main goal of this site is to give these people a place where they know they can go when their pet is suffering – this is not something anyone should go through alone.”

There is an increasing trend among pet owners to empower themselves with knowledge via the internet, but unfortunately this knowledge is not always accurate. AvidLifePet.com provides “recent and relevant knowledge about chronic conditions, penned directly by the hands of veterinarians.” In addition, AvidLife Pet consults with veterinary scientists so owners get the latest developments concerning many chronic conditions.

About AvidLifePet.com
Founded in August 2012, AvidLifePet.com is a new online resource dedicated to pet owners seeking information and cutting edge products to help manage their pet’s chronic condition. AvidLifePet.com offers community-oriented support backed by expert advice from qualified veterinarians as well as new treatment insights from veterinary scientists. With competitively priced products, 100% money-back guarantee and free shipping, AvidLifePet.com provides an easy, risk-free shopping experience.

AvidLifePet.com.Your link to a better life with your pet.

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