Data3s Expands Focus, Brings CRM Into Financial Services Sector

Data3s Gains First Financial Services Client, NWD Private Asset Management, Broadening Focus Beyond Pharma

Online PR News – 18-October-2012 – Prague – Data3s today announced the launch of eluzzion CRM for Financial Services and with it Data3s' first financial service sector client, NWD Private Asset Management, a.s. The solution provided by Data3s enables NWD's front end field force to conduct their sales campaigns with an unprecedented level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Štepán Tvrdý, NWD's Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board, praised eluzzion CRM for its fluency and ease of use. "It's a very intuitive system," Mr. Tvrdý said. "It's very easy to use and our representatives are able to report a large amount of information very quickly and easily. Most importantly, it's been customised according to our internal workflow so there is no resistence from our sales organisation."

NWD Private Asset Management offers its customers a wide range of financial products and wealth management services, yet, as Mr. Tvrdý noted, NWD prides itself on providing its clients with highly personalized approach. "Tailoring unique offerings for each client is an important part of our business, so understanding our customers is vital. With eluzzion CRM, we expect a greater degree of customer insight so that we can bring even more value to our clients."

According to Data3s' CEO, Antonín Lukeš, the "win" of NWD is significant on two levels: "Not only is NWD our first financial client, they are also a very prestigious firm that allows us to start working at the highest level within the financial services sector," Mr. Lukeš said.

"Entering the financial sector represents a major point of growth for us," Mr. Lukeš continued. "Until today, our CRM offering has been focused exclusively on life science organisations. While we will continue to bring exceptionally tailored products and service to pharma companies, the move into the financial sector presents us with new opportunities and new directions for growth, and a new kind of tailored offering."

Data3s' Marketing Director, Joshua Mensch, explained that while the pharma industry has very specific needs, the financial sector has a lot of crossover with the pharmaceutical industry in terms of how sales forces operate. "It was a natural progression for us to turn to industries with related models, such as insurance and consumer financial product sales," Mr. Mensch said.

When asked why Data3s sought entry into the financial sector, Mr. Mensch replied, "We realised that many of the benefits we bring to life science organisations could be transferred to other industries. We saw the need for an intuitive, user-friendly approach to customer data capture, sales planning, reporting, and of course better integration between the front end field force and the back office. These are things we do exceptionally well in pharma, and I saw no reason why we wouldn't do just as well in other areas."

Asked which features he is most looking forward to from eluzzion CRM, Mr. Tvrdý replied, "I think what's most innovative about it, from a customer perspective, are the built-in marketing features like CLM [Closed Loop Marketing] on the iPad. CLM will give us a completely new way to engage with our customers through interactive digital presentations that can visualise our offers in a way that's both captivating and educative. Likewise, the tablet solution will allow our sales agents to take those presentations into the field so that when they meet clients, they can turn those meetings into valuable feedback sessions so we can continuously refine and improve our offers."

The implementation of eluzzion CRM for Financial Services in NWD Private Asset Management, a.s. was successfully completed last week, with live operation starting in October.


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