British Human Barbie Strips for America in support of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month


Online PR News – 18-October-2012 – October 17th Cambridge England – Celebrity author, mum of three and the woman dubbed the Human Barbie because of her plastic surgery addiction caused after she was the victim of domestic violence has striped naked for America in support of National Domestic Violence awareness month following the overwhelming cries for help from American women.

Controversial plastic surgery addict, Sarah Burge, who has had over half a million pounds worth of plastic surgery after being beaten up,and famously publicly slammed by American TV chat show host Anderson cooper who called her "dreadful" takes her clothes of to show America her support for fellow survivors of domestic violence RIGHT NOW IF THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES AND I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION I AM SHOWING OFF MY BREASTS AND BODY TO RAISE AWARENESS ABOUT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE
"if this is what it takes to get your attention then take a look at me"
"Following the Anderson Cooper show with him publicly calling me dreadful,followed a surge of American women reaching out to me for help to get plastic surgery after being beaten and disfigured by their current or former partners, so I decided to give something back by stripping naked to allow others to take a look at me to see what really can be achieved from plastic surgery and how it can help millons of other women out their who were disfigured just like me"
"I was the victim of domestic violence. I was raped and beaten so badly no one recognised me and it's why I started using plastic surgery to rebuild my life and confidence since then I have been quietly counselling domestic violence victims both male and female from America and realise the only way I can get attention is to get my kit off.
I am a realist I have great boobs and a great body for 52 and if going naked helps raise awareness I will do it," says Sarah Burge who is based in England.

According to Sarah and proven statistic the lead up to Christmas, Christmas sees a spike in domestic violence. According statistics this is a difficult time for women who are victims of domestic violence, In fact, the organisations sees a sharp increase in the volumes of calls made to its 24-hour support helpline in the months leading up
to the festive period, leading the firm to warn that many women may be 'hanging on' in a difficult relationship during this time. Statistics show calls increase by 28% or over a quarter.

"I know from personal experience that more women are beaten by their husbands, but we must not forget the men who are beaten by their wives and the gay men in long term relationships beaten by their partners. I want people to be aware we are heading into a prime time for increased domestic violence and do all they can to help friends and family they know are victims," says Sarah.

Sarah was so brutally beaten by a former husband she was in a coma for 3 days and was told she would never look beautiful again."I know people who see me and think I am an air head only interested in Botox and butt implants but the only reason I had plastic surgery was to prove the doctors wrong and look pretty again. As a victim of domestic violence it's taken me years to recover and even now I have flashbacks. What people don't know is I counsel domestic violence victims, I help those who are beaten see the right plastic surgeon and I get hundreds of emails and calls from domestic violence victims just wanting someone to talk to and the courage to leave their relationship even men who are beaten contact me."

"I know people think I am a plastic airhead who allowed her 16 year old daughter to have Botox and her younger daughter, Poppy 6, to do polercize and I stand by that but one thing I am seriously committed to is helping domestic violence victims. If I have to get my kit off to raise awareness BRING IT ON...I have a great body for 52 and am proud of it. If it catches people's attention and makes them read the story and helps them I am happy to do it," she says.

Sarah admits she is a plastic surgery addict due to the domestic violence she suffered and is working to deal with that. "I I have to pose topless at 52 to show how I turned the brutality of domestic violence into beauty I will. I know I have my critics but I feel passionately I have to help and I am proud of my body and have nothing - absolutely nothing to hide."

"I am proud of my body and what I created after brutal domestic violence attacks and I am a work in progress, recovering from being a victim never stops. I want women and men to know I have been there and while some people think I am an airhead I am not. Anyone can contact me via and I will offer support, they can read what happened to me, I will help them get counselling and if necessary see a plastic surgeon and help them build their confidence. "

She adds: "Gosh it wasn't until I married my lovely husband Tony did I realise I deserved to be treated well and stopped being a victim and became a campaigner. I know many people won't want to know I was beaten to a pulp but it's the case. I am launching a Christmas campaign to raise awareness. I encourage people to donate to domestic violence charities (some are listed on my site) and I will personally answer all emails from victims at I also want people to hear my personal story and hopefully it will give them the guts to walk out and start a new life. It's easy to say you support a charity it's different when you are prepared to do coal face counselling and as a celebrity I don't care who has my email. I also want to show my kids mum is strong and how they should always give back."

According to Sarah she can spot a domestic violence victim at first glance. "I also feel that men who are beaten by their wives and gay men in violent relationships are the hidden sufferers. I also want to protect kids from witnessing attacks. I want to do it NOW and if I have to go topless so be it. I have nothing to hide and it's the victims who gain. Any fee I get paid will be donated to charity to help these people and I have convinced surgeons to give victims a discount if they need help. I will also be there to listen and counsel. I am not an airhead I just have hidden my past for so long I feel finally I need to reveal it and show everyone what I want to do to help. Please join my campaign. Remember you might get home one night and get hit, verbally or emotionally abused and don't kid yourself, that's domestic violence. So at 52 I am striping naked I'm proud of my body. It's about time people knew the truth."

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