Jeju Special Co. Offers Best Of Nature’s Citrus Healthy Treats

Chejuwah is a citrus food product producer based in the southern tip of Korean Peninsula

Online PR News – 18-October-2012 – korea – Jejudo is a volcanic island at the southern tip of the Korean peninsula, home to the beautiful Mount Halla. The climate and soil here is especially conducive to the growth of fruits. Jeju Special Co. was setup as a citrus fruit processing company in 1994 and have been exporting citron tea and their other citrus products all over the world since then. They are famous by their brand name of Daha® and are now trying to develop various new products like Citron, Lemon, Kumquat, Sudachi and so on. They specialize in fruit teas, seasoning sauces and jams.
The products of Jeju Special Co. have been exported to numerous countries around the world including China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada and Singapore and have gained a good reputation everywhere. They are still in the process of introducing themselves to the rest of the world and gain access to the global markets. Daha® always promises you the best flavour and nutritional value. You can experience this promise each time you taste Daha®’s fruit products, especially their fruit teas, which are made of sweet and sour citron, the slightly bitter Tang-Citron, fresh Kumquat, fine-flavored lemon, and the somewhat tart Sudachi.
The USP of Jeju Special Co. is that they is not focused on self-growth alone. In every endeavour they strive to uplift the standards of life for the farmers who toil for the cultivation of the abundant fruit produce in Jeju province. They try to ensure that all those who labour in supplying them with the vital raw materials are rewarded with good incomes and welfare in all aspects of their lives. So it can be said that buying food products from Jeju Special Co.’s brand Daha® adds a humane touch to enjoying a good product. Whenever you feel like indulging in some fruit tea or other fruit products from Korea, log onto