Cutting Edge and Robatic Surgical Innavoations

For the first time in india, scarless Robot Assisted Thyroid and Transoral Surgery (TORS) were perfomed at Manipal Hospitals

Online PR News – 17-October-2012 – Bend – Manipal Hospitals at Bangalore has set a new benchmart at the field of healthcare by performing breakthrough Robor Scarless Thyroid Surgery(Thyroidectomy). These medical breakthroughs were performed by a team of doctors who have trained especially to use a surgical Robotic arm. The team lead was led by DrSomashekhar S P - Head , Department of Surgical Oncology and Robatic Surgeon. Robot Assisted Surgery (RAS) is one of the most talked about subjects in medical world today. A revolution in the field of surgery , RAS sucessfully overcomes the limations of minimally invasive surgery. This type of surgery allows surgeons to operate with enhanced precision, has negligible post-operative complications and hence, significantly contributes towards improving the quality of a patient's life post surgery. This id the first time in India that medical robotics is being used for a thyroid surgery. The most significant outcome of Robot Assisted Thyroid Surgery is the absence of any scar on the neck of the patient. Further, it not only ensures greater precision but also ensures low loss of blood, less pain, quicker patient recovery, shorter hospital stay and better quality of life aftyer the surgery in comparison to conventional surgical methods.Case 1: Robot Assisted Thyroid Surgery performeed on a 20 year old girl, Kavya suffering from Thyroid Tumor. India's first Robor Assisted Thyroid Surgery was performed on Kavya, a 20 year old girl suffering from a thyroid tumour. She was discharged on the same day of surgery with excellent cosmesis and functional outcome and has no scars on her neck or face as a result of the surgery. Due care was also ensured to the voice nerves and parathyroid glands. With minimal blood loss, pain and discomfort, Kavya was able to resume work with a few days. Thyroid surgeries are mostly conducted on women. Operating on the thyroid gland located in the neck, requires an open surgery that results in a long sscar on the throat and the neck. However, with Robatic Assisted Thyroid Surgery, the thyroid gland can be operated without neck scars or injuries to the recurrent laryngeal nerve that helps in speech and small parathyroid glands that maintain calcium balance in human body. Robot Assisted Thyroidectomy helps in precise dissection of the area to prevent injury to the vital structures and organs and provides potential benefits of gasless, endoscopic transaxillary approach. Other benifits include :* Reduced likelihood of recurrent laryngeal nerve damege and hence, enhanced voice quality.* Less risk of Parathyroid gland damage to help maintain calcium balance in the body.* Reduced likelihood of numbness in the frontal part of neck.Kavya, who underwent the Robotic Surgery for Thyroid Tumour said, "Being a young and unmarried professional, i found Robotic Surgery to be very advantageous as it was scarless and ensured a shorter stay at the hospital and quick recovery period."Case 2 : Robotic Assisted Uterus Surgery on a 70 year old suffering from Uterus Cancer Gynec.(Uterus)cancer patients needs major surgery with long cuts and scars across their abdomen and the recovery demands prolonged stay at the hospital. As these long surgical cuts needs longer time to heal, it also causes severe pain during recovery that can last for a period of 2-3 weeks. Robotic Assisted Surgery is performed with tiny incisions with a higher level of precision which avoids the need for long cuts. There's hardly any need for hospital stay for recovery, and the pain during recovery is almost completely eliminated. After an observation period of 48hours, patients can go back to home and lead thier normal lives. Mrs. Pramila 70 year old, was diagnosed with uterus cancer and was told to undergo the conventional surgery. Considering her age, the large surgical cuts and prolonged recovery time was a seroius concern. That's when she came to know about the Robotic Gynec Surgery facilities at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore. The Robotic Assisted Surgery with negligible pain and blood loss was conducted on her by our Cancer Specialist Dr. Somashekhar and his team, and she was able to leave home within 48hours to lead her life as normal. She is one of many Gynec Cancer patients who had benefited from Robotic Surgery in Manipal Hospital. She expressed her happiness and gratitude to our Gynec. Cancer Specialist for making her recovery so easy and comfortable. In her own words, Robotic Assisted Gynec Cancer surgeries are a real boon to patients like her. She is one of the 100 patients, who benefited from, this state-of-the-art Robotic Surgeries, performed in Manipal Hospital, Bangalore. The clear advantages of Robotic Gynec Surgeries are:* Less invasive surgical procedure* Negligible pain* Minimal blood loss* Enhanced precision* Faster, less complicatedrecovery* Minimal hospital stay* No prominent surgical scars According to Dr. Somashekhar, "Robotic Surgery will play a vital role in Surgical Oncology taking the healthcare industry to an all new level in the future. Robotic technology not only addresses every aspect of the patient's needs but also offers tremendous ease for surgeons."For Media Contact:Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Care CenterManipal Hospital Bangalore#98, HAL Airport Road, Bangalore-560017For any details contact 91 80 2502 3407 orEmail: