Now Goes Global
10/17/2012 has now started to ship internationally and has made its product line further wide by including more than 60,000 items.

Online PR News – 17-October-2012 – Brooklyn, NY – has now started to ship internationally and has made its product line further wide by including more than 60,000 items. In spite of facing a lot of difficult economical conditions, the company has successfully continued to expand its presence both nationally and internationally. From increasing the page rank to building new relationships, the firm has undergone remarkable growth. Having its base in the city of New York, it has now become a prominent operator in the international market. is a service provided by Haskell New York Inc. The company has collaborated with a partner for delivering its products in foreign countries. Having expanded the relationship with suppliers, the company now has a catalog which is double in size than what it previously used to be. Therefore, it now includes more furniture offered at reasonable prices.

Making Rapid Progress

It is true that it is still not as big as some of its powerful competitors, but it has shown its worth by responding quickly to the opportunities than most of the other dominant firms. What places Haskell in an advantageous position is its ability to make changes when required, a quality that is absent in many of the bigger enterprises.
Having established its presence to a great extent, the company is still in the lookout for further expansions. It is making constant efforts to improve the shopping cart. It is true that the other companies gained some initial advantages by using carts that are prebuilt; Haskell’s unique way of building sites has enabled it to expand its system in a quicker way and with lesser restrictions.

The bigger and powerful competitors may have already established their dominance in the international arena, but it is an undeniable fact that there are various hazards which come as attachments with success. The smaller firms have to pay lesser number of employees. These small firms are also keenly concerned about the fact that none of their customers feel unattended or dissatisfied. Haskell too, pays individual attention to each of the orders and ensures that a strong and friendly relationship is maintained with all the customers.

The company was established in the year prior to that of the Great Depression. Since then, it has managed to withstand several extremely challenging economic scenarios including recessions. These days, Haskell is no more confined to the local boundaries. It is attempting to make its presence felt in the international shipping of discount office furniture and office supplies all across the globe.

Initially, Haskell was a small company with just one delivery truck. But presently the scenario has changed completely and it is looking for further expansions even after experiencing several difficult economical challenges. With its constant growth, it is gradually becoming a greater threat to its dominant competitors.