HTC answers the allegations made against it by Apple

The Taiwanese company HTC has finally replied after a total of two weeks of silence. Apple has filed lawsuits against HTC for a total of 20 iPhone related patent violations. The company has now finally has given its statement through a press release and a Google e-mail address.

Online PR News – 24-March-2010 – – HTC has finally replied to the very serious allegations made by Apple against it for certain patent violations that Apple claimed that HTC has made. The company has made certain very clear points in a press conference which the company had organised specifically for this purpose on Thursday morning.

The company has said that they are in favour of and completely support and adhere to the guidelines laid out in Intellectual property right protection. The company said that they has always respected other companies and competitions innovativeness in their technologies and developing new ones and also the company had mentioned that they completely support healthy competition. The company also mentioned that they can and will fully defend themselves against these allegations.

Thus the company has so far given nothing away and Apple still does not have a clue that how and which way will HTC defend itself. However the company does have a few things out in the open. The mobile phones of the company run on software's mostly sourced from US companies and thus it does not have a lot of patents in its own name which could affect the potency of the counter suit.

The company needs a very strong defense to get out of this case with out much loss. Or otherwise the suit could be over before it has even begun. Whatever patents or awards the company has managed to secure were on the basis of the software licenses the company had purchased from US companies thus the prospects in this lawsuit do not look bright for HTC.

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