Advanced Concierge Mental Health Firm Enters Nantucket, MA

Clinically innovative concierge mental health firm, Grey Matters Int’l, brings advanced addiction, private, corporate & couples services to Nantucket Island

Online PR News – 17-October-2012 – Nantucket/MA – The Jackson Hole, WY based Grey Matters International, with locations worldwide, has announced its newest satellite office now operational located in Nantucket, Massachusetts. The company currently has networked offices in North America, Europe and Asia, however, in lieu of the advanced approaches and appeal to those of higher socioeconomic status, the focus is to provide locations regionally based within areas in which the company’s services are most highly sought from. The goal is to minimize travel time on the part of clients and staff.

Company founder, Dr. Kevin Fleming, states, “Our concierge-type approach essentially broadens the scope of care by way of merging very advanced mental health science with solutions sought for specialty issues stemming from drug addiction, alcoholism, private & couples coaching/retreats, life-change solutions, life & corporate burnout, corporate retreats and more.”

Grey Matters International provides an array of services often termed “brain-change solutions” but scientifically referred to as Neuroplasticity. The procedure has to do with actually changing the neural pathways and synapses in the limbic system which is largely responsible for the instinctively-based obsessive thought processes. Their staff utilizes these techniques while integrating additional therapeutic add-ons which serve to mold the solution-based process to meet the specific needs of the client. Says Dr. Fleming, “Traditional therapeutic approaches, as standalone solutions, often miss the mark in terms of widespread success since they do not address the ancient brain’s limbic system which, often overrides the more advanced brain’s system of logic and filters.”

The services are primarily offered in private settings and are able to be integrated with various added systems in order to provide a full-scope of recovery solutions on a myriad of levels. The company website – – provides substantial information and they have staff on standby 24/7 at (877) 606-6161. Dr. Fleming is available directly at