Jazz Singer Jolie Goodnight Turns to Fans for Debut Album

Jolie Goodnight, up-and-coming jazz singer with a flair for glamorous showmanship, turns to her fans to help fund her debut album. With only two weeks left to fund her project, the campaign is an emotional roller coaster for both Goodnight and her loyal fans.

Online PR News – 17-October-2012 – Austin, Texas – Jazz Singer Jolie Goodnight is reaching out to her fans to raise funds for her debut record, a record made up of jazz standards and old blues songs. If capable of raising her goal amount, Goodnight will have the funds needed to make her long-time dream a reality.

According to Goodnight’s Kickstarter site she intends to create a, “breathtaking, spectacular, beautiful, dazzling, alluring, divine, exquisite, heart-felt, debut album.” Like all Kickstarter campaigns, Goodnight’s project has a small window for fundraising. If her goal of 10,000 is not raised before October 31st, all pledges are canceled and her album will not be funded.

Goodnight’s project has already gained attention, from her fans and from online social media communities. Having raised over half of the funds needed, it is apparent that Goodnight has a loyal following. It seems there are many people who share her vision for jazz in the modern age. Goodnight noted,

“It’s the opportunity to pay homage to the songs that shaped me as a person, to the songs that I feel so deeply they touch even my bones. It’s the chance to work closely with my brother, the ever-so-talented producer, Gabe Rhodes. With the genius of Gabe this won’t simply be another record of jazz and blues standards, it will be music that takes you somewhere.”

The money raised through Kickstarter will not only go toward the recording budget needed for the musicians and producer, but also to the mixing, mastering, pressing, and marketing for the album. “I don’t want to just create a small album that no one will ever hear. I want to reach new fans, to communicate to new people. I want to know that the music that makes me happy also makes a lot of other people very happy,” says Goodnight.

For more information about this project, or to schedule an interview with Jolie Goodnight: PressRelease@joliegoodnight.com
Kickstarter Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/joliegoodnight/be-a-part-of-jolie-goodnights-debut-album
Jolie Goodnight’s Website: http://www.joliegoodnight.com/
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