National Television Media Company TJV Seeks Products For Its Television Joint Venture Program

TJV announced that 110,000,000 US households can now see its joint venture commericals using IPTV, in addition to up to 40 million television households..

Online PR News – 17-October-2012 – Golden, Colorado – San Bernardino, Ca. TJV, (televisionjointventurecom), is seeking products that have the potential for success airing on television on a television short form commercial format (30, 60 or 120 seconds long) or in an infomercial (30 minute) format. TJV has a number of relationships with national, regional and local television networks and channels to air its commercials and infomercials on a PI (paying a % of the product sales instead of purchasing air time) including several regional and local channels it has total content control over which total millions of households.

Mr. David Figueroa Sr. Vice President of Product Evaluation stated “We seek products and inventions that have the capability for consistent sales growth. If the product has an existing commercial or infomercial, all the better. Our production facility has the capability to produce new commercials/infomercials, or fine tune the offers on existing ones. We also evaluate not only the product, but also the offer including the cost to price ratio, and make suggestions we feel will enhance the success of product sales."

Mr. Figueroa continued “In addition to television, we are launching our Television Everywhere Advertising program (IPTV) where our commercials and infomercials will be seen world wide over the web."

Mr. Figueroa added “We will talk to any interested party who has an existing product with or without an existing commercial, and share our evaluation and comments. You can call at Dave at 720-891-1804 or visit us at our web site"

About TJV:
TJV has been in the production and airing of television commercials and infomercials for the past 20 years. We have our own production capabilities, and regional and local networks where we control 100% of the content aired in addition to a number of other television network partners.

About stardust international tv:
TJV TV specializes in joint venture television advertising. We have relationships with a number of TV networks where we can air commercials or infomericals to up to 40 million households on a revenue sharing basis (per inquiry advertising). [Your Company] is a company established in year [1234] by [Your Name] to provide best serives in the field of [Your Domain].