Pill Dispenser Can Lower Healthcare Costs

MED-Q is a newly desigend Pill Box to ensure medication management and reduce errors

Online PR News – 17-October-2012 – Phoenix, AZ – The Presidential elections just weeks away, and healthcare has risen to the front of the line. Both Republican and Democrat candidates claim their individual plans offer lower costs while keeping services the same. The statements are spoken with conviction, but the supporting facts figures are lacking.

Is there a way to reduce costs that everyone can agree on. The answer is simply, "YES". It is better medication management and less errors with prescription medication. Mistakes and errors or is referred to as " Medical Non-Compliance" in the medical field. This is the term used by doctors to describe, "People not taking their medication when needed, as needed". Is it a big problem? Publications like the Wall Street Journal calls it "America's other Drug Problem. The standard Pill box showing each day of the week is not providing the needed and necessary solution.

AMA reports show that unnecessary procedures and complications for medication errors costs the country over 300 Billion dollars each and every year. Controlling and reducing these costs can help provide the medical coverage that is needed by the sick and still be affordable to all.

A new Pill Dispenser called the MED-Q Pill Box has an impact on reducing the costs associated with forgetting to take medication and taking the wrong medication. This Pill Organizer acts as both a programmable pill timer and a pill organizer that virtually eliminates these types of mistakes. The pill dispenser has two seperate and unique alarms/alerts that makes forgetting medication virtually impossible. Program the pill box for the times you chose and the MED-Q does the rest. A loud alarm sounds to notify the user when it's time to take their medication.. The alarm sounds for five minutes and then it repeats it's cycle every 25 minutes. This continues until the medication is taken and the next alert has been activated. LED Litebox technology illuminates ONLY the individual compartment that holds the pills that need to be taken eliminating the chance of taking the wrong medication. Proper medication management can greatly lower the costs of unnecessary procedures and free up valuable resources to be used in other areas.

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Lee Demar
MED-Q Pill Box Dispenser
Phoenix, Az