New Book Reveals How to Work With Third Party Suppliers

How do you get the supplier to take responsibility for their product? Author Tony Simms has answers in “Managing Third-party Supplier Software Quality” the first title released in the Test Management Handbooks series.

Online PR News – 17-October-2012 – London – Every month billions of dollars are spent by the government and companies on new software development projects which often times go to outside companies and contractors. Despite the huge amounts of money spent on project management and development methodologies, many still overspend, deliver late or fail to deliver the promised functionality. How does a test manager effectively communicate with a third-party supplier in order to ensure that what was contractually promised is delivered on time and to an acceptable level of quality? Author Tony Simms has answers in his book, “Managing Third-party Supplier Software Quality”.

According to a 2011 report from Geneca, entitled 'Doomed From The Start'
75% of respondents admit that their projects are either always or usually “doomed right from the start,” including 27% who say they always feel this way. “Managing Third-party Supplier Software Quality” reveals to test managers, project managers and procurement officers how to get their projects off on the right foot and how to manage third party suppliers so as to maintain control over the development process and avoid nasty surprises.

It is common for suppliers to over promise and under deliver. . “Managing Third-party Supplier Software Quality” provides a foundation for test managers and project managers so that from the very beginning they are able to identify and manage issues relating to third-party software development. Now, test managers and project managers can be informed by “Managing Third-party Supplier Software Quality” of what they should expect from suppliers, management techniques they can employ and what clauses to include in the contract, The book even provides example contract clauses.

Author Simms takes the time in “Managing Third-party Supplier Software Quality” to ensure test managers and project managers are in a better place to agree up front the role and responsibilities, set expectations and get the development off on the right track.

“Test Management Handbook” is available from Amazon either as a paperback or on the Kindle

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About Author Tony Simms

Tony Simms is the Principal Consultant at Roque Consulting and have provided project and software quality management services to companies and organisations such as BT, The BBC, The NHS, NSPCC and Siemens. Since 1995, he has been involved in managing large software development programs and projects, often requiring the management of third party software development. These projects have involved both green site systems development and the upgrade or migration of existing or commercial off the shelf systems.