Free Consultations Now Available From Martinez Law A Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Discover the free consultation services that are now available at the Martinez Law Firm in Houston, specializing in Houston criminal defense attorney work.

Online PR News – 17-October-2012 – Houston, TX – If located in the Houston area, then it should be pleasing to know that Marinez Law Firm is now offering free consultations to all clients. It doesn't matter whether there's a need for a drug trafficking attorney, assault attorney, felony charge attorney, or any other type of crime, Martinez Law has renowned attorneys and lawyers that can help their client be successful with his or her court case and hopefully get the charges lessened.

Free consultations are incredibly beneficial to society because it provides clients with some time to speak with a lawyer or attorney before they have to pay any money to hire them. Houston DWI attorney provides a time where the clients can ask questions and try to get to know the lawyer so that both sides involved can connect with each other on a better level. For instance, ask the lawyer what types of cases he or she has worked on in the past. With Martinez Law, there is assurance that they have worked on a wide variety of cases so regardless of what criminal charge there is, they will have an experienced lawyer for the job.

Free consultation with Houston criminal defense attorney is a great time to speak about what the court case is going to be like for the client. If there is a felony charge involved, then the court case is going to be significantly different, especially if it was something like a kidnapping charge. This is something that should be nkept in mind. During the free consultation, ask questions about specific types of cases and what should be expected. Criminal cases can be very different from one another and the client shouldn't be completely shocked when the court case begins to unfold. Asking questions ahead of time is a great way to prepare for what's ahead.

The Martinez Law Firm allows the client to receive a free consultation in more than one way. On their website, simply click to call to start the initial free consultation, or there is an e-mail option as well. Often times, talking over the phone is easier for customers, so they like to offer this in case that is something the client is interested in. Additionally though, they also offer e-mail and one of their support representatives will respond right away. E-mail can feel less like a free consultation because it's harder to ask as many questions all in one sitting. There may be a delay while waiting for a reply, which can take a considerable amount of time in some cases.

It's important to remember that the client shouldn't wait to get help. If facing imprisonment or even just a criminal charge, then talk with an experienced law firm right away. They will be able to provide advise and give recommendations on how to proceed in the future. This is very important so that there is not possibility to make a mistake. This prevents the lawyer's or the client's well being from being compromized. Visit or call (713) 242-1779 to get free consultation. Find additional information at