Toshiba K01 has OLED, Good News for Environmentalists

The new Toshiba K01 includes OLED (organic light emitting diode) screen. It will not only improve the contrast thus enhancing the display of the phone, but is set to prove to a boon to the environment as well.

Online PR News – 24-March-2010 – – As an old adage goes, 'money saved is money earned', every bit of energy saved is energy earned. The new Toshiba, proposed to be launched in May 2010, may provide respite to those who are looking for an excellent mobile phone that consumes less energy and delivers more.

Without a tad of doubt, Toshiba K01, though has many of the same specifications as the TG02, however this feature makes it altogether earn a reputable position in the circles of mobile phones throughout the UK.

With a slide out Qwerty keyboard, which makes it different from its predecessor, it offers to make life easier when it comes to type long emails in particular.

However, the same has resulted in giving extra weight, however, it does no mean that the phone is going to be defeated on any front.

Since social networking sites are gaining unprecedented popularity, Toshiba K01 would certainly help to remain in touch in an instant. In fact, this is what makes it stand out of the crowd.

As far as environment is concerned, there has been seen massive efforts in the direction of protecting at a war footing level. There is no dearth of environment friendly organizations that are relentlessly working in the direction of making our environment safe for future generations.

In the wake, if mobile phones or any electronic gadget for the matter consumes less energy as compared to the general usage standards, it may be termed positive for the overall environment.

Apart from this benefit, the phone is set to deliver longer battery life as well. So, Toshiba K01 is not just confined to making environment safe and protected but set to give an extra mileage to the mobile lovers all across the world.

With 1GHz processor, it assures that the applications would run smoothly thus enhancing its utility factor to unprecedented levels.