BT Business Installation Delays Warned as "Destructive"

A leading telecommunication company has issued a stark warning over disruptions to businesses when it comes to their telephone systems.

Online PR News – 16-October-2012 – Bolton – Abbey Telecom has decried the recent news that BT has now extended their estimated installation times for business phone systems. Whereas originally said process could normally take 6-20 working days, BT have now stated that businesses can expect the same work to be done now in 5-8 weeks.

Abbey Telecom has stated that this is commercially unviable for businesses, many of whom need live telephone systems to survive.

It has been said that BT are currently decamping a majority of their business engineers, who install the ISDN2 and ISDN30 lines needed for companies, over to the public quarter. It has been alleged that this is to prioritise Next Gen fibre communications, ensuring that they are up and running to exchanges in the shortest time possible in all residential areas.

The negative effects of these delays are already starting to build up for many businesses. Les Prenton of Abbey Telecom says “Buyers are questioning the sanity of this destructive pronouncement. When we explain where the fault lies there are heated comments, often with unsavoury language. They really are building up animosity and it may well bring them irreparable damage to their brand.”

With telephone systems being a crucial tool in many businesses, Abbey Telecom is urging OFCOM to intervene and ensure BT has enough engineers to cope with both sector demands.