Progressive Recording Act Teams Up With Global Poverty Project

Veil was formed for the sole purpose of trying to do something different in the world using music as their platform.

Online PR News – 17-October-2012 – Los Angeles, CA – Why would a band form around the idea of making records only to turn around and give away the profits from sales? Who is this band you may ask? They are known as Veil. A group of musicians who came together after crossing paths via their individual work with several different major recording artists. The band recently announced that they will be donating profits from their music to the Global Poverty Project.

“Veil was formed for the sole purpose of trying to do something different in the world using music as their platform,” says Dan McGarr, the band’s representative. ”The Global Poverty Project hits home for members of the band as they have experienced the effects of extreme poverty firsthand.”

“The Global Poverty Project had my attention for quite some time because of their approach in addressing poverty. I’ve seen many of the problems surrounding extreme material poverty as I spent several years living around it in different parts of the world. I even found myself living at one point in the infamous Smokey Mountain squatter village in Manila, Philippines.” says, A.K.I. of Veil. “In my opinion what the Global Poverty Project is aiming to do is spot on”

The band has been in communication with Judith Rowland at Global Poverty Project, whom has made the process of donating nearly effortless. The band is donating 80% of label profits and artist royalties to the Global Poverty Project with the remaining percentage being donated to mental health efforts worldwide. 

Lead singer of Veil, Veronika Salvador, explained, “People are suffering, and they need help. Our plan from the beginning has been to dedicate ourselves and our work to helping others. I received help to lift me out of dark times when I needed it, so now it’s time to give back and do it for someone else.”

Veil’s song “E-Sahka” is now on iTunes, and every download profits Global Poverty Project. For more information about Veil visit: