Merge Outlook PST Files Tool Recognized For Technologies In Seminar

Release importantly focuses on the ease of merge Outlook PST files with PST Merge software. For technical advancement, this app is appreciated in a seminar from large number of Outlook users.

Online PR News – 17-October-2012 – Sweden – Gothenburg, Sweden, October 16, 2012-The moment is full of rejoice when company gained high applause for its very special PST Merge software which is perfect solution to merge Outlook PST files. The participants in the seminar were world’s leading software development companies and Outlook users. Tool is honored for great excellence via more than 60% of Outlook users presented there.
“PST Merge tool is more than expected” this was the first reaction of many Outlook users presented there. Evan Swans, head of product development team, said, “This is so great to find that merge Microsoft Outlook PST files process with our special PST Merge software is the cup of tea for many Outlook users. There was open praise for our software made me feel proud to be the owner of this reputed software development company.”
According to lab director of the company, “PST Merge software makes possible for Outlook users using any Outlook version to conduct merge Outlook PST files 2007, 2003, 2002, 2010 etc. Isn’t it versatility in the tool that we consider all Outlook users important for us, so we make tool capable to run for any Outlook edition. Other than version support, our software is adept in performing fast via important techniques like ADCT and FHCR which resultantly has increased the merging speed of the software.”
Susan Kaet, company’s web team director said, “Merge Microsoft Outlook PST files into one PST file and get rid of scattered multiple PSTs in a single go. To be recognized amongst so many companies by large number of users is surely a moment to be proud of.”
“To merge Outlook PST files is a unique experience for many because it cuts down manual labor and merge unlimited scattered PSTs in a single PST file. This would make PST file search comfortable,” says Joseph Cain, head of support team.