Landlord Reaches 1,000,000 plays

Location based gaming app reaches the 1m plays mark in less than 3 months

Online PR News – 17-October-2012 – London – 16th October 2012: Landlord, a global, location based, real world property game have announced that they have reached their one-millionth play mark. Since its official launch on July 20th 2012 the game has seen impressive retention figures of 60% with an influence spreading over 60 countries around the world and counting.

Powered by Foursquare; Landlord allows users to buy properties they visit and earn rent on those properties in real-time based on Foursquare check-ins. The game is quick and easy to understand and can be played on the go. User stats show that on average a player logs on to landlord over 8 times a day.

The attractiveness of a game that fits in with classic smartphone user behaviours has proved to be very desirable and 14% of Landlord players have joined Foursquare for the first time just to play the game. A large number of players are from Belgium, USA, UK, France and Austria.

Michael Jackson, ex COO of Skype who is an advisor to Landlord, commented, “This is great fun. This is a game that is easy to start, and is a low attention, yet high retention game. We see our first players opening the app several times a day – eager to check if they have made a killing on the property market. Sometimes, it happens.”

“It is awesome that we have reached one million plays within such a short space of time. What is also phenomenal are the industry beating retention and revenue statistics we are seeing. The feedback from players has been fantastic; this is clearly a highly addictive and enjoyable game that appeals to a wide demographic of people from across the world,” said James Shrager, Founder and CEO of Quip Media, the company behind Landlord.

“Furthermore, given that a lot of people are hesitant to sign up for new social network accounts, it is astounding to see how many of our players are signing up to Foursquare so they can play Landlord. Now that the concept has been proven, we are seeking investment to enable us to rapidly scale Landlord, and help grow Quip Media into a major app development studio,” he added, commenting on the future of the game.

Opening the app on the go, users can find out what’s available to buy around them. Once a venue is bought, rent is earned when anyone checks in at the property on Foursquare. Players compete with each other in friend groups, in leagues or with themselves to increase their game wealth. Owned properties can be upgraded with Landlord coins, which result in higher rents from check-ins and with recent updates, players can make and receive offers for owned properties. Landlord encourages users to “own their city” and expand their “influence” by owning as many properties as possible in a particular category.

You can watch Landlord’s trailer here:

About Landlord

Powered by Foursquare, Landlord is a location based, real world property game that allows players to buy venues they visit and then earn rent as people check in at those properties in real-time. Landlord is a high retention, low attention game and fits in perfectly with smartphone user behaviour. Landlord provides an immersive experience and is defining a new genre of social intelligence, real-world gaming. For additional information please see and