New Pages Added To Houston Lawyer and Attorney Website Covering DWI Offenses

Find out about the new pages added to the Houston lawyer and attorney website, which cover many different types of DWI offenses.

Online PR News – 17-October-2012 – 10/16/2012 – The Houston DUI Lawyer Firm has just recently added new pages to their website that cover all of the different types of DWI/DUI scenarios. A DWI is a serious thing to be charged with, that is why lawyers and attorneys offer their services to people in this type of situation. By browsing the new pages on their website, it's easy to find their many different types of coverage options. Below, we've covered what some of these coverage options are.

Felony DWI
A DWI/DUI will often be escalated to a felony if it is a repeat offense or if there are other crimes on the criminal background history of the client. The Houston DWI attorney specializes in these cases and as a client, it's important to look into their Houston DWI lawyers. This is a very scary situation, since felonies are one of the more serious types of crimes to be charged with. When faced with a felony, there will be less of an oportunity to get a good job and it will be hard to apply for loans or get into an apartment. The reason is, most apartment complexes and employers do a background check to ensure that their residents are good people. If they find that there is a resident that has a felony DWI on their record, they might not want them in their facility. The Houston DWI lawyer website added a page to cover this type of scenario, for people that are facing felony charges.

DWI with child passenger
If the DUI involved a child riding in the vehicle at the time, the charges can be much more serious. A DUI is dangerous, and risking someone else's life by having them in the car is severe. The judge is not going to take this very lightly, so it's important to find a quality attorney or lawyer that will do their best to provide a solid defense.

Breath and blood tests
Did the police use a breathalyzer or blood test before their DUI arrest? This is something that should be addressed with a lawyer or attorney so that they can analyze the information. If they did not, it's possible that the DUI will not hold up in court. If they did, then it will be difficult to proclaim innocence, so the best that the lawyer can do in this type of situation is try to lessen the charges that are received.

DWI & licensure
A DUI relates to a drivers license in a wide variety of ways. Often times, judges will take away the license or suspend it because of a DUI. They consider people who get DUI's a hazard to the other people on the roadway.

Intoxication assault
Sometimes, when people are intoxicated, they do the wrong things. One of these wrong things could be assault. If there is a charge of assault and at the same time, there was intoxication involved, then it should be pleasing to know that the DUI attorney in Houston website has just recently added a page to their site, covering this type of scenario. Watch an official video at or call (713) 242-1779

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