Explore the hidden secrets of the Great Barrier Reef with Wings Diving Adventures

Wings Diving Adventures offers excellent vacation packages. Sailing adventures around the pristine waters of Whitehaven beach is thrilling and they even provide the right equipment for snorkelling and diving.

Online PR News – 17-October-2012 – Queensland – Queensland, Australia – The Great Barrier Reef is an excellent vacation spot that is preserved well by several heritage organizations in Australia and around the world. However, this region is also open to travel, sightseeing tours and a host of adventurous activities. Wings Diving Adventures provides individuals with diving and water sport activities. The reef dates back thousands of years, hence it is a preferred diving spot. Interested individuals can explore its hidden beauty and this service will provide all the necessary equipments that will assist in the diving and snorkelling activities of its clients. Its affordable packages are convenient and accompanied by several features.
The reef is a combination of several islands that is best explored by sailing. Wings Diving Adventures provides fully equipped catamaran sailboats. Exploring the quiet waters around Whitehaven Beach in these sails is an adventure in itself. Whitehaven’s white sandy beaches are a tropical paradise. It is a great location to get a generous tan as the sun just reflects off the white sands of the beach. Snorkelling its shallow waters is a task made easy by this service. The best feature of the tour is the sailboat. It is equipped with all the latest features including surround sound entertainment, hot shower, unlimited hot water supply and air conditioning.
Snorkelling is an excellent activity because it provides an opportunity to feel weightless while it eases the senses. There may not be much to learning it, but it does require confidence. Wings Diving Adventures provides instructors to first time divers. While on the tour individuals can learn to sail the catamaran and understand what it really takes to be a good sailor. Certified divers can make use of the state of the art diving equipments provided by this service. This service provides a wide range of packages that are convenient to people on a budget. However these packages provide all the basic amenities essential for the tour.
Whitsunday Sailing is an activity that is popular among people all across the world. These tours are extensive and it offers sailing to several diving spots in a matter of hours. The tours last for thirty six to forty eight hours. This service allows night diving only to certified divers. Onboard facilities are excellent; especially the food offered is delicious and specially prepared by experienced chefs. They take special care of clients ensuring their safety while at sea. Check out http://www.whitsundaysail.com.au/ for more information.