New music distribution website helps you promote a band and sell music online. Unlike other music websites, Songeist allows you to listen to music, discover new bands and sell music and audio samples online.

Online PR News – 16-October-2012 – Middlesex – New music distribution website helps you promote a band and sell music online. Unlike other music websites, Songeist allows you to listen to music, discover new bands and sell music and audio samples online. It is a music community where everyone’s voice is heard where new bands can sell new music online. Users can download music and participate in the Songeist music community through in-built features (blogs, digital flyer box, music life calendar and social media). This interactive quality and the music community ethos differentiate Songeist from other music websites. Before the full feature site goes live Songeist have begun expanding the music community by designing a pre-launch promotional site, which features new bands known as ‘founder artists’. You can listen to music and audio samples and learn how to promote a band with the help of the Songeist music website. The pre launch promotional website for features a fully functioning blog which highlights new bands and new music and gives advice on how the sale of audio samples can inspire and empower new bands and foster new music collaborations. Fans will be able to listen to music, download music and discover new bands. Artists will be able to learn how to promote a band and sell music online as well as linking to audio samples. It’s a whole new world of music distribution!

We want the fans to know how important they are in shaping how new music is made around the world. Songeist's music website Mosaic feature is the central focus of the fans profile and is unique to fan users, allowing them to express their musical tastes, and help promote their favorite new bands.

What is the Mosaic?

The mosaic is made up of 12 boxes of differing sizes, with a larger box in the middle for the insertion of flyers, videos or anything that the user wants to present more prominently. The other 11 boxes can be filled with tracks and/or accompanying artwork that can be imported from any part of the site.

So what does this mean for fans and artists?

The potential of this music website feature is huge. By using this feature creatively, fan users can design it to serve as a valuable information source. For example, if a given user is a dedicated fan of dub step, they can populate their mosaic with 12 different dub step artist’s material and become an information point for that genre. Also, as mentioned, users can use the feature to ‘plug’ a specific artist, or group of artists, as a means of showing support and helping them in the new music careers. Fans often want to have a meaningful affect on new band’s careers and the mosaic is one of the ways that they can do this on It’s a step ahead of other music websites.

Finally, users can simply use the Mosaic like they would personalize their old school myspace page. Except, there is no reason for html code, and since we are a music community, only music can populate it.

How to promote a band? A single user can acquire many ‘followers’ with this feature and it can help them to gain popularity amongst all user types, becoming a significant Songeist personality through fans appreciating their recommendations!

Step 1:
Browse the site for tracks, images and flyers.

Step 2:
Click “import to Mosaic”

Step 3:
Select where on the Mosaic that you would like the specific entry to feature.

That’s it! Mosaic is in effect!
Just a reminder of what we're about at Songeist:

We are all about free speech, free market and free exposure (as you will discover) and we believe that artists should retain complete control of their work and distribution choices. We are intensely aware of those who are trying to control the internet and are therefore intent on keeping Songeist unregulated (except for offensive users) and generated entirely by artists, labels and fans. The use of customer information to better advertise is a perfect example of the behaviour we are opposed to.

The Songeist founders dream was to build a comprehensive music promotion and music distribution platform with a strong community to stand as a beacon of freedom of speech, thought, expression and discovery.

So jump in with both feet and join our music community…