Tween Publishing Releases a Study Skills Curriculum for Middle School Students

The comprehensive program provides 28 classroom-ready lesson plans to teach study skills for high school and college readiness.

Online PR News – 16-October-2012 – Newport Beach, CA – Tween Publishing is pleased to announce the release of a comprehensive study skills curriculum. The Middle School Student’s Guide to Study Skills was developed and written by Susan Mulcaire, a teacher and attorney who specializes in creating innovative enrichment curriculum for grades six to eight.

This extensive program enables teachers to educate middle school students on all aspects of study skills including the process of learning, the traits of the metacognitive student, pre-learning strategies, Cornell and Matrix notes, active reading and listening, how to outline a textbook, memory and recall strategies, and test-taking tips for all types of tests. Also addressed are skills specific to college readiness, such as the benefits and challenges of distance learning, information literacy, critical thinking, and goal setting.

“Good study skills are essential for academic success.” says Mulcaire, “How you learn is just as important as what you learn. This program addresses all aspects of study skills, and provides students with the tools and strategies they need for high school and college readiness.”

The study skills program completes Tween’s three-part college readiness series, fitting neatly between its popular work habits, time management, and organizational skills program based on The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World! and its introduction to postsecondary education in The Middle School Student’s Guide to College.

“This series provides middle schools with an affordable triple play of classroom-ready, progressive enrichment programs they can rely on from grade six through grade eight.” says Mulcaire “We also like to engage students with humor, so comics and comedy are part of the package.”

To address high school and college readiness in a meaningful way, educators must provide consistent study and organizational skills education, and help students envision their postsecondary educational goals. Tween’s resources are ideal for a college and career readiness exploratory, life skills, advisory, after school, and freshman academy.

Tween Publishing is a small publishing company in Newport Beach, California. Susan Mulcaire is a teacher, attorney and mother of three from Orange County. She holds a B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley, a law degree (J.D.) from Santa Clara University School of Law, and a California teaching credential.

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