All Eyes Open for Ultra-Flexible Business at DMA 2012

Opting for partnership with digital marketing companies is proving more and more fitting for flexible and progressive minds. That is one of the biggest focus points at the ongoing marketing mega event DMA 2012 in Las Vegas. The event is scheduled between 13 and 18 October.

Online PR News – 16-October-2012 – La Mirada/CA – The event is seeing a convergence of the world’s biggest brands. Amidst them, California-based company B2Bdatapartners is engaging resellers at Booth 221. Brand managers visiting Vegas are enjoying heavy footfall from those who have currently established brands as well as those yet to implement their ideas.
Future partners of B2Bdatapartners will be able to choose products from a complex inventory. The brand will be demonstrating marketing products that suitresellers with specific needs. For example, resellers who are yet to launch their website, can benefit from the B2B product-service packages by getting a professional website along with data operation tools.
The digital marketing brand will be gaining prominence at the event mainly for demonstrating how their products can enhance the features of an existing website and increase its popularity overnight.
For potential partners with no website, specific products are also available.
The product-service packages include connectivity to the brand’s marketing database with 40 million records. To support accessibility and effectiveness of the data, B2Bdatapartners will also be providing API access, search tools for websites and new websites as well.
The B2Bdatapartners team is scheduled to deliver many freebies at the event in Mandalay Bay. Among demonstrations for resellers and potential B2B partners, the business developers will be showcasing 50-record tests. The online version of that is also available on the B2Bdatapartners website.

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