Cardiff Sports Nutrition launches the all new Muscletech Celltech Pro series

Exists to introduce sports nutrition products that are the best in the market.

Online PR News – 24-March-2010 – – Cardiff Sports Nutrition ( has done it yet again by successfully launching a brand-new series of products by Muscletech. The Celltech pro series is the outcome of major revamping on the number one creatine product Celltech Hardcore which is the number one product of Muscletech. As of now this is the number one scientifically advanced muscle building creatine formula that is available in the market. Jeremy Roberts is the man behind the launching of this revised creatine product, Cardiff Sports Nutrition spares no effort in providing the best nutrition support to athletes and sportspeople. The product in itself is revolutionary and is found to be effective by those who are using it.

The Celltech pro series carries the following benefits, it delivers explosive strength, it is backed by 44 different research studies, and it is known to build muscle at a faster rate as well as it is scientifically proved that it is more effective than creatine when it comes to building rock hard muscle mass. For those looking to build muscle at a faster rate in the Celltech pro series will prove to be extremely beneficial. The hard-core pro series is an advanced muscle building creatine formula that consists of powerful ingredients which help to build muscle at a faster rate compared to creatine on its own. Muscle cells are saturated with extremely pure highly potent creatine. The hard-core pro series is specifically created for the top level bodybuilders and athletes who desire to gain strength and muscle fast. In order to get more information on either the Celltech pro series over the hard-core pro series one can log on to

Cardiff Sports Nutrition stands by the fact that the Celltech pro series as well as the hard-core pro series is clinically researched before the products are being circulated. The complex formula is highly sought-after only because of its success rates, amazing gains in muscle and strength have been reported by respect give users of these highly advanced products. The research that is thrown into these products is commendable; a lot of study and effort has been involved in creating these revolutionary products. The documented results speak for themselves; the base of these products is creatine which contributes largely to powerful muscle building. Each serving of either Celltech pro series or hard-core pro series includes a 200 mg dose of Alpha Lipoic Acid. These products are absolutely recommended for those who intend to gain body mass and strength at a rapid pace. These products can be purchased on the prospective website itself, most of the details can be found there as well. Well researched sports nutrition products can be relied upon and the same can be said about the Celltech pro series or the hard-core pro series.

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