New Amenities Added to the Drug Rehab Centers in Florida and New Jersey

Find out about the new amenities that are being added at the drug rehab centers found in Florida and New Jersey, called Treatment USA.

Online PR News – 16-October-2012 – Delray Beach, FL – The Treatment USA company has recently added new amenities to some of their facilities in Florida and New Jersey. Their Florida facility, which offers Drug Rehab In Florida can provide you with a wide variety of amenities. Similarly, their Drug Rehab New Jersey location has the same type of amenities which can greatly benefit the recovery process. These amenities are clearly listed on their website so that you can find them. Below, we've covered what some of the new features of the facilities are, so that you can decide whether or not you will enjoy these features of the facility when you are staying there. Often times, the recovery process depends on these types of amenities because they make you feel better about yourself and more confident with your sobriety.

Private bedrooms
Just recently, the facilities announced that every person staying at the treatment center is going to get their own private bedroom. This allows you to have a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day. You also get to sleep alone, so you don't have to worry about anyone intruding on you or invading your privacy.

Relapse prevention services
It's important that you speak with a counselor, psychologist or some other type of mental professional so that you do not relapse once you leave the facility. Relapse prevention services teach you fundamental skills that are important to know when you are trying to prevent a relapse. These services are offered at both facilities, so no matter whether you are going to the Florida or New Jersey facility, you will have relapse prevention services available to you.

Life skill coaching
Understanding how to get through life without reverting back to your addiction is also important. Life skill coaching teaches you necessary things so that you do not rely on your substance abuse in order to cope with problems in life.

One year free aftercare
After you exit the facility, you can always come back to receive additional care and it will be provided absolutely free. This is something that no other facilities offer, because it is expensive to offer. Fortunately, the Treatment USA facilities care about the well-being of their patients and they want to see them succeed.

Personal training
Getting your body in shape and being healthy is important to sobriety as well. It shows that you are active in the recovery process and you are willing to do things for your body to make you healthier and more at peace in your mind. Personal training services are essential to getting back into shape. It's very difficult to train your body to do these types of workouts, unless you have a personal trainer assisting you.

12 step programs
During treatment and after treatment, Treatment USA will provide you with top-quality 12-step programs so that you can live-in sobriety with support. Twelve-step programs are essential to staying sober and recovering from your addiction in a healthy and positive way. Twelve-step programs are available in all areas of the world, so you should have no problem locating a group.