Xtreme Polishing Systems Now Provides Diverse Variety of Concrete Dues to Enhance Floors

“XTREME POLISHING SYSTEMS has updated its inventory with the most distinct variety of concrete dyes, prepared using state-of-the-art technology.”

Online PR News – 16-October-2012 – Deerfield Beach/ Florida – XTREME POLISHING SYSTEMS, the biggest concrete polishing contractor and distributor in the United States, promises to offer the most distinct variety of concrete dyes to help enhance the look and feel of plain concrete surfaces. When used on prepared concrete, overlays, polished concrete, these dyes offer translucent, intense color effects, comparable to stains. In fact, these chemicals go a notch further than stains by offering lively color tones which cannot be worn out.
One of the USP’s of the dyes offered by XTREME POLISHING SYSTEMS is that they can be mixed at the job site itself to acquire the desired hue. They are normally utilized with polished concrete, but can also be employed as a touch up or base for concrete that has been coated with integral color, acid stains, or dry shake hardeners. However, before starting the project, the experts at the company always apply the color dye to a smaller area for testing and confirming whether the surface is receptive to the chemical. Contrary to acid-based stains, these dyes never react with the concrete chemically. Rather they comprise of hi-quality coloring agents that infiltrate the surface.
Using a dye is the best way to add glamour to a floor without shelling off too much money. Most chemicals provided by XTREME POLISHING SYSTEMS take well to polishing, and are specially formulated to divulge vivacious rich hues to polished concrete surfaces. Till the user stays meticulous with maintenance and does not let the finish to wear out to the sealer, stained and dyed concrete floors can last for an indefinite period.
XTREME POLISHING SYSTEMS is the source for all retail, commercial and industrial flooring solutions. The company boasts of more than a decade of experience in keeping a high standard of excellence for every job. The provider uses safe and technologically advanced products that are developed through environmentally friendly technologies. These top of the line procedures permit the consumers to meet strict standards. The reputed team can be contacted via http://www.xtremepolishingsystems.com or 1-866-812-9319.