Social Media Marketing Strategy: Changes Twitter Should Implement

Social media marketing strategy firm creates list of Twitter infrastructure changes that would benefit users and take advantage of strengths.

Online PR News – 23-March-2010 – – Social Media Marketing Strategy firm creates a list of recommendations that would enhance Twitter user experience and help Twitter in their fierce competition with Facebook. Including optimizing existing features, adding new ones and re-thinking some speculated changes. The emphasis was placed on enhancing Twitters current Social Media marketing strategy strengths and was based on months of independent research and feedback.

SEO and Social Media optimization firm Irbtrax based these suggestions on months of research, monitoring trends and the creation of several different Twitter accounts for market research purposes. Also taken into account is Facebook's aggressive moves to incorporate Twitter 'like' features. The recommendations include but are not limited to:

- Their own URL reducer do users aren't required to go offsite
- A drop down list of specific industries and categories for easier search applications
- A plug-in that shows the number of your account 'followers' that are currently online
- Increasing Tweet length to 150 characters which is acceptable for a Google Description Tag
- Avoiding the addition of pop-up ads that will interfere with user experience and accessibility
- Keeping the 'most recent' Tweet search feature. Adding the projected 'most popular' Tweet feature as a 2nd option to avoid elitism and maintain Tweet equality.
- Avoiding the addition of advanced flash graphic ads which will interfere with user experience as well greatly diminish global accessibility. Including access through certain I-phones and strongly interfering with 56K dial up which is still in use.

According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir- "We appreciate that Twitter needs to produce a larger income stream. We only hope that Twitter's founders take great strides to balance those needs with what's made Twitter a useful and increasingly popular platform. If they have any questions about this information they are welcome to contact me."

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