A New Type of Hero: Ronnie Deutch Comes to the Rescue

Ronnie Deutch, known as the “Tax Lady,” along with her office of attorneys, has worked to combat unjust charges being forced upon American families facing economic hardships.

Online PR News – 24-March-2010 – – Ronnie Deutch, known as the “Tax Lady,” along with her office of attorneys, has worked to combat unjust charges being forced upon American families facing economic hardships. Most notably, as families across the country are being forced to alter their lifestyles and budgets in the midst of an on-going recession, Deutch and her team have helped an array of American families reduce or eliminate payments being demanded by the IRS.
Ronnie Deutch’s History of Civil Service and Financial Rescue

Having worked in the legal system for nearly two decades, Ronnie Deutch has exemplary experience in helping clients cope with financial woes and difficulties. Specifically focusing on helping citizens deal with tax-related struggles, Deutch’s professional tax corporation has worked with individuals to serve clients as a voice of negotiation between a citizen and the IRS.

Most recently, during the 2009 year, Deutch was challenged with helping clients of varying financial backgrounds and circumstances navigate the turbulent waters of the recession. As a rising number of American citizens are being laid off or experiencing pay cuts, nearly every individual is reevaluating their incomes and expenses; thus, when the IRS demanded hundreds of millions of dollars, collectively, from Deutch’s clients, she responded with her firm and professional know-how.

In examining the ultimate results of Ronni Deutch’s efforts during 2009, in conjunction with her fellow attorneys, clients were able to reduce their tax debts by a collective $107 million dollars. This remarkable amount serves as a powerful reminder that, with the help of reliable professionals, Americans can find support and guidance when faced with panic-inducing tax debts.

In fact, taking a look at just one individual client, Deutch’s team helped generate negotiations between the IRS and an individual facing a tax liability of $93,000. After months of determination, communication, and diligence, Ronnie Deutch was able to reach a reasonable and fair settlement. As a result of her intercession, this particular individual is able to make his final payment to the government, allowing him to officially be debt-free from the IRS.

The “Tax Lady’s” Individual and Economic Benefits

Proudly wearing the title of the “Tax Lady,” Ronni Deutch’s efforts serve not only the economic wellbeing of individuals in the nation, but further aim to help individuals regain their personal senses of composure and confidence. When faced with stress-inflicting debt, it becomes undoubtedly challenging for an individual to move forward towards a future of financial stability, let alone towards financial prosperity. With her team’s intercessions, Americans have become more able to responsibly plan for their futures without being held back from the burdens of the past.

While many Americans are continuing to eagerly await the end of this demanding recession, a rising number of people have been able to see the light at the end of this economic tunnel. As Deutch has helped thousands of individuals settle debts while negotiating back-taxes, her interventions have saved millions of dollars—yet her efforts continue to remain priceless for so many.