Florida Man Strives to Build a Better Life for Cameroonians

Now a successful US citizen, David Puwol has made a vow to help the impoverished back in his homeland in West Africa by establishing a charitable program called "Community Involvement Improvement Program."

Online PR News – 24-March-2010 – – David M. Puwol was born in Cameroon, West Africa to a poor family that was just barely scraping by. But this life is the norm for those in Cameroon. After two years of college, which was all he could afford, Puwol landed a job at the US Embassy in Cameroon. During the next 21 years, Puwol worked at the US Embassy, receiving numerous trainings, promotions and awards. Then in June of 2001, Puwol, his wife, sister-in-law and three children were able to move to the United States to begin a better life.

Puwol is now a US citizen residing in Florida, but he never forgot his promise to help the impoverished people from his West African homeland of Cameroon. “The living conditions for most Cameroonians leave a lot to be desired. The students suffer from a lack of decent classrooms, text books, and other school supplies,” says Puwol.

This desire to help those in Cameroon prompted Puwol to begin a nonprofit project called “Community Involvement Improvement Program” (CIIP) under the Congressional District Programs (CDP), a 501(c)(3) public charity in Virginia. “Beginning this nonprofit at CDP has allowed me to concentrate on raising funds in the U.S. that help support my people in Cameroon,” he said.

Puwol's dream has always been to be of service to people. Creating CIIP is the culmination of that dream. By working with other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) already established in Cameroon, Puwol is confident that CIIP can make a significant impact on a small and wonderful country. Puwol says, “It makes me happy that I can make their lives a little bit better, perhaps by constructing wells or by building decent classrooms. I love to see the smiles on their faces.”

Donations to Community Involvement Improvement Program (CIIP) are tax-deductible, and will help to provide a better life for the people of Cameroon, West Africa.

About CDP

CIIP is a project of Congressional District Programs (CDP), a 501(c)(3) public charity. CDP believes that there is an ever-growing need for new and different charitable programs. By allowing individuals to begin programs under the auspices of CDP, people can address immediate, specific charitable needs on a local, national, or even global level.

CDP is a fiscal sponsor that handles all the administrative work for these charitable programs, including receiving donations, receipting donors, and filing all appropriate state, federal and local reports—all at a much lower cost than establishing a separate, independent public charity. This allows the Program Managers to be more focused on achieving their charitable goals. All donations to these CDP programs are tax-deductible. For more information about Congressional District Programs contact Katie Kern at 703-538-8867, or via email at Katie@cdprograms.org. Visit CDP’s website at www.cdprograms.org.