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Earth Savers Institute To Distribute Top Green Cleaning Products

Online PR News – 24-March-2010 – – The Earth Savers Institute, a Florida-based green education and certification firm, today announced that they are representing WowGreen Products to their clients that includes businesses, organizations, colleges, K-12 schools, and hospitals of all sizes, in and around the United States.

Freeing the world of toxic chemicals
For a long time, consumers have wanted to use “green” products for both the safety of their families and to promote a healthy environment. While some companies have tried to develop products that use fewer chemicals and promote recycling, only one company has a line of cleaning products that are 100% safe for the environment.

The wowgreen secret to a safe, green clean is enzymes. Enzymes are small harmless biomolecules found everywhere in nature—you even have them in your own body. And they come in a wide variety of types, with different enzymes breaking down different compounds. What that means is that an enzyme designed to break down protein will love the meatball stain on your favorite sweater, but not the soapy film on your shower door—that’s for a different, more soap-scum loving enzyme. And since these enzymes are all natural, wowgreen is 100% safe for the environment.

"We wanted to represent cleaning products we could be proud of, that we know would be safe to share with our clients, as well as for graduates of our training program to use during their presentations," said Earth Savers Institute owner and wowgreen Independent Distributor Scott Cardinal. "Other green cleaners include ingredients like citrus juices, vinegar, baking soda or other natural products, but they are very low in terms of efficacy. Also, wowgreen products are TRULY non-toxic, since they are enzyme-based. wowgreen’s products truly are amazing, green, and affordable."

Green inside and out
To reduce the amount of waste generated by shipping and packaging, wowgreen products are delivered in two types of containers: recyclable and reusable. Recyclable containers are delivered full of product and should be recycled when empty. Reusable containers are the six spray bottles, and they are refilled using a combination of the small “concentrate” packets and cool tap water.

Wowgreen products are different from other cleaning products on the market. Instead of scrubbing, you just spray and wait about one minute. That’s because these cleaning products don’t immediately “kill” what you spray, but instead “break down” your dirt, stains and spills into harmless waste that you can easily wipe away. And that means no lingering chemical residue, like the residue that can be left behind and build up when you clean with traditional, chemical-based cleaners.

What are enzymes?
Enzymes are naturally occurring molecules that work as catalysts to break down organic material. They exist in living organisms to instigate important functions, like digestion in humans.

There are many different types of enzymes that exist in nature, but the primary enzymes in wowgreen’s proprietary blend are Protease, Amylase, and Lipase. They are combined with other enzymes in varying degrees to create each specific cleaner in the wowgreen product line.

When you apply wowgreen products to a targeted stain or area to be cleaned, surfactants (small amounts of added soaps) gently lift the stain from the surface to allow the enzyme formula to surround the dirt and break it down. This breaking down process takes about a minute to work, so unlike the cleaners you know, do not scrub immediately. Just spray the targeted area, wait about a minute and then wipe or scrub away.

Are enzyme cleaners really as effective as “regular” cleaners?
Enzyme cleaners are MORE effective than other cleaners. Chemical-based cleaning products attack the dirt with power and require caustic scrubbing to remove stains. Cleaning with these products not only requires more time and effort, but it can also damage the surface to be cleaned. Since each wowgreen product is uniquely formulated to lift and loosen a specific type of stain, they are more effective at removing the stain permanently.

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