Charles Phillips Charitable Organizations Reunites Bronx Father With Missing Children

Phillips Charitable arranges housing after National Center for Missing Children locates missing children.

Online PR News – 13-October-2012 – New York – Yves Kedelina was just reunited with his children who were kidnapped by his ex spouse and taken to Belgium. They were missing for one year. He worked with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the State Department to locate them.

When the children were found, he was able to go to Family Court and get full custody. The family received limited funds from the Federal Victims Services so he could fly to Brussels and pick up the children at the American Embassy.

Just two weeks earlier, Mr. Kedelina started a job as a housing specialist after being unemployed for a long time. His life was in complete transition with a new job and children coming home.

When the children went missing, he put his household in storage and moved with his 15 year old son into a bedroom in a friends two-bedroom apartment. Now with the children back with him, the family needed their own apartment as soon as possible so he can register his children for school. One of the children also needs a full evaluation for preschool special ed.

Both children are seen at Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services‘ Child Development Center by a child trauma specialist. Social workers at JBFCS contacted Phillips Charitable about this severe case and a grant was provided in time for the family to arrange housing on the children's return.

Phillips Charitable Organizations wish the Kedelina family a great new start in the Bronx. Live. Give. Forgive.

Phillips Charitable Organizations is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation providing financial help for single parents, students interested in engineering, and wounded veterans. 100% of the foundation’s assets are disbursed directly to grantees. Our charter: urgent cases where a timely bootstrap grant can initiate meaningful change toward a planned recovery.

The foundation was created by Karen Phillips and Charles Phillips who is CEO of Infor. Young Huh and Colonel Eric Garvin are board members and life long friends. Live. Give. Forgive.

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