Pioneer of “Smooth Look” Vagina to speak at upcoming cosmetic surgery conference in Las Vegas

Surgeon who pioneered “Smooth Look” Vagina to speak at upcoming aesthetic surgery conference in Las Vegas

Online PR News – 13-October-2012 – Laguna Beach, California – October 12, 2012


Red Alinsod, MD, a urogynecologist based in Laguna Beach, CA, will be among the nation's leading cosmetic surgeons speaking at the 7th Annual Congress in Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery (CAVS) in Las Vegas on October 20-21, 2012. The Congress features world-renowned experts in the controversial but rapidly evolving field of aesthetic vaginal surgery (AVS) -- cosmetic vaginal surgery.

Today, more sophisticated and affluent professional women are seeking genital makeovers -- "vaginal rejuvenation." But the reasons for having this type of procedure are just as likely to be functional as aesthetic. Minimally invasive surgery such as vaginal tightening after childbirth or aging has practical value -- in this case increased sexual pleasure for the patient and her partner. In middle-aged women, aesthetic vaginoplasty procedures are frequently combined with therapeutic surgeries to treat medical conditions such as prolapse or incontinence.

Labia minora reduction to beautify the external vulvar area can provide health and lifestyle benefits as well as aesthetic enhancement. The labia minora are the inner vaginal lips that protrude slightly or at times extensively beyond the vagina's larger outer lips, or labia majora. Many women complain that enlarged, uneven or bulky labia minora are not only embarrassing, but also a constant source of irritation, hygienic problems, and sometimes interference with sexual gratification. Some patients express similar concerns over an excessively large clitoral hood -- the skin covering the clitoris -- that can produce an unattractive bulge under tight fitting clothing.

Dr. Red Alinsod introduced the "Barbie Look" labia reduction procedure almost 20 years ago after some of his patients requested a smooth surfaced and neatly sculptured outer vaginal area free of any dangling remnants of the labia minora. A few of his patients coined the term "Barbie Look." They preferred a "well-manicured" vaginal exterior that fit with a sleek, beautiful and healthy body image.

As a pioneer in labia reduction revision surgery, Dr. Alinsod has also repaired more than 100 botched labia reduction surgeries, some of them nearly ruining the lives of these patients. He uses state-of-the art radiosurgery devices -- similar to instruments utilized in facial cosmetic surgery -- to minimize tissue damage, decrease bleeding, and speed up healing after the operation. Patients are usually able to return to their normal activities, including sports and sexual activity, about 8 weeks after most aesthetic vaginal surgeries.

To help promote the highest standards of medical care and to ensure that surgeons receive the finest training, Dr. Alinsod teaches CME accredited courses on AVS for fellow licensed MDs and ODs. But it is the stunning praise from his patients that has made the name Dr. Red Alinsod synonymous with the ultra-feminine and elegant "Barbie-Look Vaginal Rejuvenation."

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