Internationally Awarded IT Training Co.,TrainACE, Releases Humorous Yet Informational Promotion Video
15 October 2012
TrainACE is respected in the IT training industry. Their name has become synonymous with hacking and security training. They are widely known for having instructors whose expertise is unmatched but that also add a few twists to each classroom experience. Leave it to them to bring humor to the forefront when issuing a corporate capabilities statement. Their latest endeavor includes information about the company, course offerings, as well as to how dedicated the staff is. However, this isn’t all the video is comprised of. The playful and friendly mannerisms of the staff have turned this video into a parody of what may seem like two different worlds. The serious, straight forward realm of IT training is intermingled with subliminal messaging and clips used to bring comic relief to what the viewer is first led to believe is “just another promotional video”. Even the CEO and founder of TrainACE, Ralph P. Sita, Jr., CPA, got in on the fun. “You have to be different and make people remember what you have to say. We have always believed in that philosophy for the approach we take in our classrooms. If that means taking something that’s meant to be cut and dry and turning it into something witty, then that’s what we are going to do,” Sita said. “There are a lot of companies that do what we do. We need to make sure people understand that our approach is different. Our training includes additives that other don’t provide because we want people to have fun, but we take the content very seriously.” This open and innovative approach is exactly what has set TrainACE apart from its competition. The video can be viewed in its entirety here: TrainACE is a renowned IT certification, security and information assurance training ( leader. TrainACE has received multiple international awards from many respected professional organizations that have recognized their dedication and commitment to training excellence. TrainACE is known as one of the few training vendors in the world that produces custom, five day, hands-on information assurance and advanced security classes. Many of these classes of which can be further customized and fitted to better accommodate the training needs of any organization or objective. TrainACE has proudly been training IT professionals since 2001.