New Book by Best-Selling Real Estate Investor Reveals Step-by-Step Methods to Investing Virtually

New Book by Best-Selling Real Estate Investor Reveals Step-by-Step Methods to Investing Virtually.

Online PR News – 12-October-2012 – Ohio – New Book by Best-Selling Real Estate Investor Reveals Step-by-Step Methods to Investing Virtually
October 1, 2012 – With investment portfolios decimated by the recession, and with uncertain job security, people are looking for other ways to build wealth and achieve their financial and personal goals. One of those ways is real estate investing but it can seem too confusing and is full of pitfalls. Now there's a new book by a best-selling real estate investor who reveals his step-by-step investing methods to help investors on their path to success without the hassles and confusion that a lot of real estate investors face.
The new book is called Virtual Real Estate Investing Made Easy: How to Quit Your Job and Make Fast Cash Wholesaling Real Estate. The book was written by Mark Evans, a real estate investor, 6-time best-selling author, and world-traveling real estate investor. It was launched just last week on Amazon and it was quickly raced to the #1 best-selling spot.
Mark Evans, who is nicknamed "The Deal Maker" ("The DM") by his tens of thousands of students and fans, is a long-time real estate investor. He invests in real estate in a number of ways but is most well-known for wholesaling (buying houses below market value and selling them to other investors like landlords or rehabbers). But what has really made Mark Evans stand out from other real estate investors out there has earned him another nickname from his students – "The Digital Nomad" ("The DN") – because Mr. Evans travels the world while doing real estate deals virtually.
In his book, The DM reveals a way to do real estate investing from anywhere using simple concepts and systems and tools. He innovated this method in response to the very common problem in real estate investing where new investors get caught up working 24/7 trying to find deals and find investors. Many real estate investors end up burning out quickly because they work all the time and miss out on the lifestyle that had originally inspired them to become real estate investors.
Mark Evans says that the biggest lie in real estate investing is freedom: "Too many people get into real estate investing hoping to achieve their financial and personal goals, secure their future, and gain some time-freedom and money-freedom to do what they want. But many real estate investors discover a completely different experience – one where they are trapped behind a desk answering phones, trying to do a deal so they can pay their mortgage. And, they struggle because they can't find money to do the deals they want to do."
He explains that they were taught the wrong way of doing real estate investing and it doesn't have to be that way. Virtual Real Estate Investing Made Easy is his way of correcting the misconceptions and setting people on the right path, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need.
Virtual wholesaling is the way Mark Evans invested in real estate while traveling the world on a 5-year trip. Now in the middle of his second 5-year trip around the world, Mark Evans does real estate deals from exotic locations like Caribbean beaches, European cafes, and beach-front hotels in Southeast Asia, busting the myth that real estate investing requires 18 hour days in front of a telephone.
"It's called 'Virtual Wholesaling' because it's real estate wholesaling that you can do virtually – on your computer from anywhere in the world. That's what I wanted to describe in this book: Not just a way for people to do real estate investing but a way for them to take back their lives and do real estate investing on their terms wherever and whenever they wanted". Then he adds: "And what surprises most real estate investors is: Wholesaling doesn't require you to use your own money to do deals."
The book is written in a simple step-by-step format so that investors (whether brand new to real estate investing or seasoned investors who are looking for a change) can sit down and simply follow the book, one chapter after another.
The book starts out comparing virtual wholesaling to other types of real estate investing and builds a case in favor of virtual wholesaling as the best way for real estate investors to achieve their lifestyle goals and enjoy the time-freedom and financial-freedom they desire.
Then, the book takes the reader through the simple steps of building a real estate wholesaling business – from finding investors to finding deals to filling out the paperwork to collecting your money.
Here are some highlights from the book:
• The book talks about the concept of freedom and how people need time freedom and financial freedom to be truly free (and very few people have both), and it shows how virtual wholesaling allows people to have both.
• Page 65 to page 80 reveals how a real estate investing business can run almost entirely on autopilot – requiring very little effort on the part of the investor to keep it running (if the business is set up correctly).
• Chapter 5 reveals the one key relationship that every real estate investor must have if they want to be successful. (This one surprises many people and 99.9% of investors get it wrong).
• Chapter 9 is called "the money chapter" and it answers the burning question "how much money can you make as a wholesaler?" and helps investors know how to get paid.
• Page 182 tells the story of one real investor who has implemented many of the principles taught in The DM's book, and shows how he has achieved his goals by doing the same virtual real estate techniques.
• The book answers common questions that real estate investors have, clarifying some of the confusing points of investing and showing new investors just how easy virtual wholesaling should be.
• The last chapter of the book explains the one key that every investor needs to know if they want to be successful – it dissects the reason that some investors fails and some investors succeed and it provides some key concepts to help investors take the necessary steps to help them thrive as real estate investors.
• The appendixes contain all the forms that a real estate investor needs to do deals. Simply copy these and use them, saving thousands of dollars in form creation!
Not only is Mark Evans revealing his most valuable and complete information in the book, he is also donating 100% of the net proceeds to charity, which is what he has done with his 5 other best-selling books as well. "I believe in giving back. I want to help other people. This is a way that I can help investors with the information and help the less fortunate with proceeds from the book."
Many people get into real estate investing because they want to break free from their 9-5 job and take control of their lives and work toward their financial and personal goals. But few people get it right and they end up struggling and even burning out because they don't know how real estate investing should be.
In Virtual Real Estate Investing Made Easy, Mark Evans DM,DN shows exactly how people can take control of their lives by becoming virtual real estate investors. He reveals the step-by-step methods that have allowed him to travel the world while investing in real estate. "Even if someone doesn't want to travel the world, the ideas and methods in this book will empower them to live life on their own terms".
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