MMOBUX Expands into Qualitative Virtual Currency Research Models

MMOBUX, a long time virtual currency research company, expands to include qualitative research models in response to the rapid adaptation of game company's business models to heavily include virtual money such as Facebook credits and Android's GetJar coins.

Online PR News – 12-October-2012 – Chendu/Sichuan – The virtual currency research website, headed by Sam Wu Xing has been gathering data about in-game price offers, shop ratings and reviews since its launch in 2006. The website offers real-time data and graphical trends on the value of MMORPG currencies such as World of Warcraft gold, Diablo 3 gold, Final Fantasy gil and Guild Wars 2 gold. All of which are gathered via their custom written sophisticated spider.

With the growing interest and rapid adoption of the virtual currency business model by game developers for other genres and platforms such as Square Enix's Guardian Cross and the use of GetJar gold coins on Android platforms, MMOBUX has been approached by several researchers and academics for years long virtual currency data gathered. Most recently, referred to by Jon Matonis, an e-Money researcher and crypto economist on Forbes in regards to RMT (Real Money Trade).

With more public relations, research and journalism activities now quickly becoming a part of MMOBUX against the company's initial startup as a predominantly web development crew, the team now welcomes their very new addition, Priyanka Singh.

Priyanka Singh joins the MMOBUX team, brining fresh new perspectives on the Virtual Currency business against her other specialized areas. Her very first work is now published which comprises of an extensive case study about a gamer's addiction to Maple Story's Item Mall and the negative, almost irreversible effects that took hold of the gamer's personal life. Priyanka also dwell into the growing real-world effects of virtual assets which has lead to actual crimes, divorces and imprisonments.

Besides providing researchers and the gaming community with quantitative data on the trends, price fluctuations and economic effects of in-game currencies, MMOBUX now offers qualitative insights on the RMT and virtual currency industry, headed by Priyanka. The company warmly welcomes her to the 6 years and running MMO currency research team.

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