Will Pay $100,000 For iSecurity Pictures Used To Sentence Burglar To Prison

iPhone - iPad iSecurity Camera prevents home burglary, identity theft, enhances home and family safety and is a proactive defense that is practical for every mobile telephone user in today's society.

Online PR News – 15-October-2012 – Hagerstown, Maryland – “Best iPhone Camera will purchase the first iSecurity pictures that send a burglar to prison for $100,000.00," announces spokesman Carl Robinson. iphone iSecurity will alert users when there is an intruder in the home by sending pictures to personal cell phones, Internet secure mail, Pc or security monitor. The user is immediately notified when an intruder enters the house so the law enforcement can be notified that a burglary is in progress.

Protects The Home, Office, Family - More than a quarter million people are victims of burglary violence every year. In the past ten years, 5000 people have been slain inside their homes by burglars according to statistics provided by the US Department of Justice and the FBI.

Protects Personal Property - Even with insurance, losing computers, electronics, weapons, and other valuable items can be devastating. Guns stolen in home burglaries are frequently used to commit violent crimes and murders.

Protects Peace of Mind - Nothing is more valuable than feeling safe in home and personal possessions.

Efficiency - In the event of a burglary, users get a faster police response time because they can provide pictures of the intruder in real time as the burglary is in progress.

Comforting - Have peace of mind that the family is safe that no one will accidentally interrupt a burglary in progress in the home when returning home from school, work or a shopping trip.

Invulnerable - Because it doesn't rely on the phone line and is primarily covert a burglar cannot disarm the iphone or ipad iSecurity Camera photo alarm before it begins transmitting alarm pictures to a secure mailbox, cell phone or monitor.

Affordable - The annual costs are significantly less than installing a third-party photo alarm system. iSecurity Camera 4.5 is simply a high value app downloaded and installed in an iphone or ipad.

Cost Effective – iSecurity Camera 4.5 is a fraction of the cost of a third party photo alarm service.” is a distribution and support on line web site for the promotion and sale of the iSecurity Camera 4.5 iPhone iPad home and business photo security alarm software application.

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