Balanced Spinal Care Introduces Nutritional Support to Patients

We love what we do and we love those who we are blessed to serve. If you have never tried NUCCA, you are in for a treat. Dr. Brent Noorda is a St. George chiropractic physician specializing in the NUCCA technique.

Online PR News – 12-October-2012 – St. George, UT – St. George, Utah – Balanced Spinal Care, whose motto is “nothing aggressive, just effective” has taken spinal health care to a new level. Their nutrition specialist, Cathy Phillips, has a B.S. from BYU, which helps her provide spinal care patients with education on nutrition. She has a passion for studying the ways the human body works on the inside and on the outside. Her knowledgeable of healthy living and nutrition help Balanced Spinal Care patients change the way they view their overall lifestyles.

In order to decrease back pain, spinal misalignment must be corrected. Once this is done, your body can begin the process of healing itself. Proper vitamins and nutrients help to speed up the physical healing process of your body. According to Balanced Spinal Care believes that the right nutrition feeds the bodies tissues. This helps the tissues to regenerate faster, allowing the physical corrections to hold longer. Unlike some other spinal care facilities, they want their patients to recovery faster. Although this will mean the patient has to visit their offices less, it's a way of judging the overall success of their treatments.

Every nutritional program is not the same. The nutrition specialist starts by doing a blood test and going on each patient's health history. This helps her to develop an effective nutrition program that's specifically customized for each individual patient.

All diseases and health problems, says Balanced Spinal Care, can be classified as a toxicity or deficiency of some form or another. When it comes to spinal care and pain management, these deficiencies can be in the joints, which lead to arthritis. The deficiencies can also be related to a lack of fatty acids that are essential for fighting heart disease. The elements that provide the most health benefits are air, water, food, exercise and positive thinking, say team members. They say that toxicities and deficiencies symptoms can be found in all of the chronic diseases and leading causes of death today.

The team believes heavily in the ideas behind organic foods. They believe that some of the toxicities and deficiencies are related to the pesticides used in growing foods. The chemicals used to process foods are culprits as well. They aim to educate each and every patient on the benefits of healthy eating, as well as eating organically grown foods. The nutritional programs help their patients fully understand what nutrients their bodies are lacking. They also help them recognize what healthy foods they need to eat to provide their bodies with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to heal properly, and stayed healed longer. This helps patients live a higher quality of life.

Balanced Spinal Care understands that value of nutritional supplements that are found in health food stores everyday. They strive to educate their patients on which supplements are good for them, and which ones can be bad for their health. They teach that the best way to provide the body with good nutrients is to eat healthy whole foods that provide them. But, as many of us know, this isn't always possible. Between busy lifestyles, picking eating habits, even financial issues, not everyone gets all the nutrients needed from the foods they eat.

For these patients, Balanced Spinal Care encourages the use of nutritional supplements along with eating whole foods. High quality supplements contain mass produced amounts of key molecules to help keep us healthy. That's why they carry products that they have actually tested and have faith in. Two of those quality products are Innate Choice and Standard Process. Balanced Spinal Care recommends that patients that need nutritional supplements are all natural. They provide nothing but products made from “100% naturally grown, whole food.”

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